Himesh Reshammiya


Sir Himesh is a hit machine that no one can even top him he is the only one best in world watch his song from beginning 2007 forward to 2016 u will find the real legendary man who always used to stay in our heart I know that himesh is one in all if u see his songs u will find that himesh is the only one guy who ruled in music industry his songs make u deewana he has got magic in his songs sir himesh is also an actor that even others actor are not like then himesh is unique best ever if u love someone please listen to HR songs then u will know and those fools who hate himesh they are all unknown of himesh and I know that later on also himesh will give his best history will be repeat by HR Legendary.

Veteran Music Director & Composer, Lyricist, Script Writer, Producer, Actor, Award Winning Singer

He is the most talented personality in the whole world. He should deserve the first place as music director and singer.

Himesh is the best singer and music director, best actor and my favorite. Please vote him.

Good singer... Way of singing is touchable

Himesh Reshammiya best singer

I like only music of this singer

He is a really good singer and my favorite

He is not the best but not so bad either.

Excellence in music is main reason behind Himesh's success

Himesh reshammiya best of best singer in word

Himesh is the most beautiful and superb hero or singer in the world

Super singer and music composer

He is the only rockstar of India

One of the most worst singer I have seen

Best Music Director of music industry

I love himesh song and his voice

I like his style, his voice and all his songs. Although there are singers better than him, he will always be my favorite

Himesh ji he is the best music director in the hindi cinema and very very good and super duper hit song

Govind ram patel

Udaipur raj.

Himesh reshammiya your best music director my name is ji

HR has the unique voice and singing attitude.He is the most multitalented
Person in music scene today.As a composer he is next to A R Rehman or you can say that better than Rehman. - sumitsinha2000

One and only rockstar of India: proud of you...
Unique composition and a heart touching voice makes me singer too...
Love you Himesh sir...
And What a movie : Aap ka surror-true love story... All the best for upcoming projects.