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41 Kundan Lal Saigal

K L Saigal is one of the pioneer play back singers who laid down the foundation of film music in Hindi, Punjabi and Bangla, mostly with a classical base, whose is remembered even by The Goddess of Hindi film Music with lot of reverence. Nothing more needs to be mentioned about this GREATEST SINGER OF ALL TIMES. TO date most of the times, the "bhoole bisre geet" plays his song at the end.

He was un parallel. If he is the banyan tree, others are simply a bamboo stick. Present generation hardly has any knowledge of this man. The most beloved and admirabe singer of all times.

No doubt, he is the greatest Indian singer ever. At the same time he is best ghazal singer of all time.

Old is gold

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42 Suman Kalyanpur

This woman she had the most amazing voice, I couldn't, t tell between her and Lara

Brilliant singer Suman kalyanpur one of the best singer, lots of people got confused same voice of Lata, she is comparable of Lata no doubts about that. She sang brilliantly with rafisaab as well other singers. We love you Suman the the legend.

She sang many Hindi songs. She could not create her own identity because her voice resembled Lataji's voice.

43 P. Susheela

She had sung many songs for sounth India. She has very melodious voice which mad the listeners to keep silence... - stars001

Hear one song of her... And you will become her fan...

Versatile Singer for Tamil Cinema.

True Melodious voice... great singer

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44 Kunal Ganjawala

He has the most attractive voice amongst all the singers! I love it!

One of the best voices

Hi is one of the best playback singer,

All the best

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45 Noorjahan

Best female singer of all time, forever

Yes Noor Jahan is one of the gems of subcontinental music. She is way greater than the singers of her era and also the singers of today.

He is definitely the best singer. No one can match his voice range nor sing like him. He sang effortlessly. He could sing at the toughest range of voice without losing melodious tone.

She has god gifted one can match her in the world of music

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46 Mika Singh

Sorry I am busy

Sounds like a dog


Mika Singh is the greatest Rock star in India

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47 Bade Ghulam Ali Khan

He is definitely the best singer. No one can match his voice range nor sing like him. He sang effortlessly. He could sing at the toughest range of voice without losing melodious tone.

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48 Anwesha Datta Gupta

Perfectionist, dedicated singer... Whether classical or western her voice is pitch perfect. The texture of he voice is still on the go, but pretty much on par with many great singers of the country at such a small age.

Very soon she is going to overtake legends like Alka Yagnik, Shreya Ghoshal & Lata Mangheshkar. She is a mind blowing voice. She is so young & now just starting her career. So she is not so popular. But just wait. Soon she is going to occupy the number 1 position.

She is really talented classical singer and has proved her talent in every competition being judges favorite. Her voice quality adds sweetness to any song. Her Ishq mein ruswa song is awesome and its sure she'll be in number 1 soon

You are a very good singer

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49 Hemanta Kumar Mukhopadhyay

An amazing voice. The pronunciation is crystal clear and throw of words is flawless.

A voice gifted by God. Soft melodious rendering songs. One of the greatest singers from 1937 till death

A down memory lane. Whenever I listen to his voice I move, I lost myself in a mystic land of music

I think he is the best singer and evergreen. No one can match his legacy. Bengali music is incomplete without him. He is god gifted. I am shocked to see Himesh Reshmiya in this list. World knows That Himesh Reshmiya is the Worst Singer of all time. Himesh is in among the top list ah...BULLSHIIT...

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50 Silambarasan Rajendar

He may not be a great singer.. But sings very colloquially which has a great appeal

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51 Javed Ali

His voice is so amazing, sweet, beautiful, outstanding what ever we say is less

He should be in 2nd place and one day he will be he is superb singer his voice so sweet and tempting

His voice so sweet he is not only a good singer but also a good human I like his humanity and simplicity.

God bless u

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52 Suresh Wadkar

I really shock to see sureshji on this rank. He is most talented singer in Indian singers. God is given amazing gift to him, superb sweet voice & from my side he is perfect singer.. I request to people please vote for him.

No other singer asa perfect as he is

I like suresh wadkar voice

Suresh ji one of the India singer bohat achha gana Gaya owo very sweet voice I love you Suresh ji

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53 Pankaj Udhas

A Singer with soft heart touching voice.

Thanks Pankaj jee You will be remembered as a dual both plyback and gajal singer of Bolywood. Jk Senapaty, odisha

54 Swarnalatha

She is the only Indian singer having a unique voice in industry.
Her way of singing itself differs from others and it was pleasant to hear
If you hear some of her songs like porale ponnuthayi, hai rama yeh kya hua
You will become one of the fan of her - guhan

Only singer who has got unique voice...
Her voice perfectly suites to sing a song which shares feeling of sorrow...
Really world s missing a legend

Unique voice.. From all females.. Her voice resembles a sharpness of a sword.. Deals classical very fantastic way... Beauty is her voice..

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55 Shrey Singhal

I like your every songs

I love that sweet voice

Are you best best singer

Amr mote no1singr, Amizing singar, my fvrt singr, mellody queen

56 Shamshad Begum

The best female singer

He is definitely the best singer. No one can match his voice range nor sing like him. He sang effortlessly. He could sing at the toughest range of voice without losing melodious tone.

Cute voice of this singer

One of the best indian singers of yesteryear...severely underrated and never gets the credit she deserves. Her evergreen songs like Leke Pehla Pehla Pyaar, Kahi Pe Nigahe Kahi Pe Nishaana, Kabhi Aar Kabhi Paar, Meri Neendo Mein Tum, Saiyaa Dil Mein Aana Re, etc, etc will live on forever.

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57 Pritam V 4 Comments
58 Sujatha

Super for duet songs

Awesome singer

Great singer in south India

Should be n Top 20 - ekaikam

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59 Madhushree

She sang my favourite song very well

Her voice was like a baby

She is equally good singer like Sadhana Sargam, Alka Yagnik, Lata Mangeshkar, Asha Bhosle, S. Janaki, P. Susheela and etc

I like her because she sang marudhani song.

60 Aditya Narayan

You are handsome and your voice is so sweet

Your father is better singer

You are very handsome and your voice is so sweet.
your father sings very sweet songs.

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