Best Soilwork Songs

Best songs by the Swedish death metal band Soilwork.

The Top Ten

1 Stabbing the Drama (Stabbing the Drama) Stabbing the Drama (Stabbing the Drama)
2 Overload (Figure Number Five) Overload (Figure Number Five)
3 Rejection Role (Figure Number Five) Rejection Role (Figure Number Five)

This has got to be the best one

Easily the best Soilwork song!

4 Distortion Sleep (Figure Number Five)
5 Song of the Damned (Natural Born Chaos)
6 Cranking the Sirens (Figure Number Five)
7 The Crestfallen (Stabbing the Drama)

I simply love the agressiveness of this song, it gets me pumped

8 Distance (Stabbing the Drama)

This song introduced soilwork to me and I've been looking them after

9 Long Live the Misanthrope (The Living Infinite)
10 Enter Dog of Pavlov

The Contenders

11 Two Lives Worth of Reckoning (The Panic Broadcast)

Don't Know why it is so low... Awesome composition.. And one of the best by soilwork..
- GJ-Metal 24/7 - gj_metal24-7

12 Martyr (Sworn to a Great Divide)

It's the best song from Soilwork in my opinion.

13 Petrichor by Sulphur
14 Natural Born Chaos
15 Exile (Sworn to a Great Divide)
16 No More Angels
17 Nerve (Stabbing the Drama)

Dude, what is Soilwork's best song doing here so low?

Because that's how this site operates. Obviously this poll hasn't been voted on much. - jacobn923

18 Breeding Thorns (Sworn to a Great Divide)

Simply the BEST song from Soilwork.
Deserves #1 for sure.

19 Shadowchild (A Predator's Portrait)

Hell yeah - AdamDestructorJr.

20 Light Discovering Darkness (Sworn to a Great Divide)

One of my personal favorites from the Sworn to a Great Divide album. Very melodic in comparison to other songs. - NuMetalManiak

21 Light the Torch (Figure Number Five)
22 Sworn to a Great Divide
23 The Chainheart Machine (The Chainheart Machine)

So awesome. - AdamDestructorJr.

24 Follow the Hollow (Natural Born Chaos)

Wow, this song should at the top of this list.


25 Parasite Blues (The Living Infinite)

Ohhh yes - AdamDestructorJr.

26 Memories Confined (The Living Infinite)
27 Needlefeast (A Predator's Portrait)

Deserves so much more than no.28 - AdamDestructorJr.

28 Stalemate (Stabbing the Drama)
29 This Momentary Bliss

Get this boi higher - AdamDestructorJr.

Just the best, trust me

30 Vesta (The Living Infinite)
31 Machine Gun Majesty (The Chainheart Machine)

That solo... Wow. It's as good as you get. - MxJosh

This song just has the sheer raw power in it, and the atmosphere is so amazing. And when you hear the two minutes lasting solo, you know it's their best song

32 I, Vermin (Sworn to a Great Divide)
33 The Ride Majestic (The Ride Majestic)
34 The Living Infinite II (The Living Infinite)

So good. Best intro

Best song. Great melodies

35 As We Speak (Natural Born Chaos)

The most underrated and best song they have ever produced in my opinion.

36 Figure # 5 (Figure Number Five)
37 Spectrum of Eternity (The Living Infinite)

This is easily one of their top 5 songs!

38 Observation Slave (Stabbing the Drama)
39 Let This River Flow (The Panic Broadcast)

The Intro <3

40 Death In General (The Ride Majestic)
41 Wings of Domain
42 The Akuma Afterglow

This song has a beautiful melody and a really catchy chorus.

43 Sadistic Lullabye (Steelbath Suicide)
44 One With the Flies (Stabbing the Drama)
45 Tongue (The Living Infinite)
46 Night Comes Clean (The Panic Broadcast)
47 Sick Heart River (Sworn to a Great Divide)
48 Whispers and Lights (The Living Infinite)
49 Silent Bullet (Sworn to a Great Divide)
50 Strangler (Figure Number Five)
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1. Distortion Sleep (Figure Number Five)
2. Overload (Figure Number Five)
3. The Crestfallen (Stabbing the Drama)
1. Stabbing the Drama (Stabbing the Drama)
2. Overload (Figure Number Five)
3. Cranking the Sirens (Figure Number Five)
1. Enter Dog of Pavlov
2. Song of the Damned (Natural Born Chaos)
3. Martyr (Sworn to a Great Divide)

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