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81 Deathbed - Relient K
82 Bad Romance - Lady Gaga

Where the votes? The is THE BEST SONG OF THE 2000s...PERIOD!. - Worksponge

83 Afterlife - Avenged Sevenfold
84 Bleeding Love - Leona Lewis
85 Diary of Jane - Breaking Benjamin
86 Blue Orchid - The White Stripes
87 Jesus Walks - Kanye West
88 Who Let the Dogs Out? - Baha Men
89 Crimson King - Demons & Wizards
90 I Gotta Feeling - Black Eyed Peas
91 Superman (It's Not Easy) - Five for Fighting
92 Reckoner - Radiohead

Why the hell is Radiohead best song from their 2nd best album doing here?

93 Within - Daft Punk
94 Yeah - Kelly Clarkson
95 This Love - Maroon 5

One of the greater music bands out there. - Nick-brick8

96 Here I Am - Bryan Adams

This is a song that touches the heart and fill it with emotions...

Best song by bryan adams

97 Kryptonite - 3 Doors Down
98 Dani California - Red Hot Chili Peppers
99 Feel Good Inc. - Gorillaz

Come on how can this song not be number 1? At least in the top. This song has everything; from a lovely chorus to a catchy bassline with an underlying message that sticks with you for the rest of your life. Combine these with a perfectly timed rap and instrumentals and you have the combination for the best song of not only the 2000's but possibly ever.

Windmill, Windmill, for the land, turn forever, hand in hand..This song is AWESOMEEE! My favorite band, favorite song! This song deserves to be higher!

100 Somebody Told Me - The Killers
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