Best Songs From Adam Lambert's For Your Entertainment


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1 Whataya Want from Me

I love this song. It's always different. Thanks Adam for all versions.

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2 If I Had You
3 Aftermath
4 For Your Entertainment

Best song ever! It should be 2

Deserving of at least being in top 3

Awesome song by Adam!

Best. Song. EVER!

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5 Sure Fire Winners
6 Strut

Very good song, I love it!

7 Soaked

It's so raw and emotional. Makes me cry every time.

8 Time for Miracles
9 Sleepwalker

Best sing from him, besides whataya want from me

I love that song :-*
So emotional and his voice perfect

10 Music Again

The Contenders

11 Broken Open
12 Fever
13 Can't Let You Go
14 Pick U Up
15 A Loaded Smile

Smooth.. soft & sexy as only ADAM can sing it! One of my favorite songs of ALL of my favorites by ADAM LAMBERT! His voice is like smooth.. creamy.. chocolate that takes you out of where you are at the time to a faraway Shangrala! Hm!

16 Voodoo
17 Down the Rabbit Hole

Basically a mixture of psychedelic rock and roll, the best thing ever!

No, but this has the most dance-able chorus ever! So good!

18 Master Plan
19 No Boundaries
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Top Remixes

1. Whataya Want from Me
2. Strut
3. If I Had You
1. If I Had You
2. Sure Fire Winners
3. Aftermath
1. Whataya Want from Me
2. Aftermath
3. For Your Entertainment


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