Best Songs From Demi Lovato's Don't Forget


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1 La la Land

This is a great song, the lyrics contain message that give me so muh to learn, Demi is a really great singer!

Love this sgon, listening in 2013

2 Don't Forget
3 Trainwreck

The song has a lot of meaning to it its really emotional and demis vocals are amazing in it

4 Get Back

I think that get back is very dramatic and I love it

I thought I'd find this in the first place! - mood333

5 Two Worlds Collide
6 Party
7 Believe In Me

One of Demi's best songs

Best Song by Her. This Must be Number 1! - zehnlovatic

Defintitely her best song on album. The word ands meaning of the song are so powerful.

Absolutely beautiful, raw emotion and demi wrote this incredible song at only 15 years old. This song means the world to me, demi is so powerful and truly a hero for creating this life changing song 😍❤️

8 The Middle
9 Gonna Get Caught

As well as The Middle and Believe in Me, I love Gonna Get Caught so much and it's so funny that Joe Jonas co-wrote with her, not knowing it was about him. It's so rock and even though I LOVE Demi now it'd be cool if she could go back to rock. I love that natural intense rasp and her stage presence when she performed it live in 2008. The melody is so unique and her vocals are amazing.

As well as Party and Get Back, this is my favourite song from the album. I miss Demi's pop rock days but she's constantly improving and I love her just as much now as I did back then!

10 On the Line

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11 Until You're Mine
12 Behind Enemy Lines
13 Back Around

so good

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