Best Songs From Eminem's Recovery

Recovery had 17 brilliant singles. They all were a delight to listen to, but obviously all cannot be at par, and hence this list lists the best singles from his latest album. Recovery is eminems most honest attempt, and although it hasn't got much critical acclaim, but chuck the critics, it is us normal listeners that matter, and we loved it!

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1 Not Afraid

The rap, the chorus and the beat just makes so much sense

Patrick star approves this song.


Great chorus, very nice bridge, amazing lyrics, powerful flow etc. makes this song a near-perfect single. - mkcrusher

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2 No Love

Classy lyrics and rhythmical rapping by Eminem makes this song stand apart from other ones.

This is easily the best song on the album. Lil Wayne actually does really well on this song, but then you hear Em and you think wow. This is the best verse I have ever heard Em spit and it is just incredible. Should be easily number 1.

I actually believe Em did "spit the greatest verse of all time" here. - JCompton

A brilliant song with amazing flow by both, the little master, lil wayne and the king of rap, eminem. - mkcrusher

Best song on the album - AliciaMae

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3 Space Bound

Best song on the album!

It makes me cry when I hear it. :'(

A brilliant song with a brilliant flow, this song is a wonderful mix of a heavenly chorus and rap alike. - mkcrusher

This song is amazingly touching and the lyrics are simply.. brilliant, I never get sick of it

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4 Love the Way You Lie

Rihanna delivers an amazing chorus that perfectly blends withe eminems wonderful rap. - mkcrusher

Rihaanna and Eminem sound so smooth. You can feel the pain of two lovers

Eminem and rihanna together.. they just blew my mind off!

The lyrics, the intensities in both voices is so emotional, I don't think that's overrated, people hating it just because it's popular

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5 Cold Wind Blows

Nice start to an even nicer album.
- mkcrusher

C'mon! Eminem fans, you remember how he was before? This song shows it, should be the best song on this album!

Best song on the album... Blows all of the pop/sellout crap that he did on this album out of the water.

This song is one of the best (if not the best) songs on Recovery. It is 1000x times better than Love The Way You Lie,No Love...

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6 Going Through Changes

One of his most heartfelt sings ever and probably the most heartfelt album he's ever done to

Very emotional song.


This song has an awesome message, feel, and flow.
Eminem= rap god

The beat in this song is HORRIBLE! Like was he trying to get everyone else depressed?

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7 Cinderella Man

This song is emotional and is the face of the album.

If you want to get pumped up this is the song for you!

This is the most powerful song on the album. Way better than Love the way you lie and Not Afraid combined. This is easily on my Top 5 Eminem songs of all time.

Best song on the album by a long shot... The lyrics, the beat and of course, the man spitting the lyrics

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8 Almost Famous

Not the best song but should be at least number 5 and Space bound should be lower very overrated - germshep24

I'm actually kind of mad this is #8. This has way more power than Not Afraid, this has more fantastic rapping then No Love (I love Eminem's verse but I thought there should have been more), this is way less cheesy then Space Bound, this is better then Love The Way You Lie in every way, this is a bit more lyrical then Cold Wind Blows (Cold Wind Blows is #2 on this list; it's awesome) WAY better chorus then Going Through Changes, and this has a better beat then Cinderella Man. So. Explain to me why this isn't #1? Oh yeah, that's right, it's not popular. Just because something's not popular doesn't mean it's bad. This is better then the top 7 and every song on here.

I remember back when Eminem had energy in his songs. Now all his songs are boring and make me not want to listen to them.

another strikingly great single, with a nice combination of great flow and nice lyrics.
- mkcrusher

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9 25 to Life

I suppose it takes someone who has been in a similar situation as Marshall describes in this song, to fully understand what he is saying. Love this song. It is by far one of my favourite

I know this song gets no love (pun not intended) but I think its severely underrated. Em takes to a different style for this track and does an incredible job of personifying hip hop. Should have been used to close out the album.

Such an underrated song! I think this song is one of the best on the album! Vote this up!

Easily the worst on the album (tied with Going Through Changes). Beat wasn't great, lyrics were NOT Eminem quality and that chorus was the worst I've ever heard. Like how did Eminem allow that? I am a huge Eminem fan and I still don't like this. Best songs would be No Love, Cold Wind Blows, Almost Famous.

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10 Talkin' 2 Myself

Great song and can relate to how I feel sometimes. Also like the flow

another nice song that provides a great chorus by kobe and a great rap by eminem. - mkcrusher

A song that best describes what he was going through, his pains, sufferings, and troubles.

WAY better than 25 to Life! This is a great song! Chorus is great! Next best is Cold Wind Blows.

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The Contenders

11 So Bad

This song was supposed to be on Relapse 2, that's why this is one of the only good songs on the album

Such and underrated song

This song is great, best song on the album. Love how he still shows the Slim Shady side of him even when he's making an album about changing.

This song is so unlike him... Yet in a good way! Fantastic song!

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12 On Fire

Surprised in all honesty this isn't ON this listing, it is quite easily one of the best on this album in terms of lyrical presence and chilled flow with the added over dose of not Eminem but Slim Shady.

This song is so underrated its probably the most strongest track lyrically he destroys critics plus the hook is catchy

WHY AM I YELLING AT AIR?! One of the funniest Eminem lines ever.

The fact that Cold Wind Blows is above this is incomprehensible. This song has an absolutely chilling beat, and has very sober lyrics. - WonkeyDude98

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13 You're Never Over

Definitely better than On Fire

an ode to his deceased friend proof, this song is a brilliant song with striking beauty from all corners.
another strikingly great single, with a nice combination of great flow and nice lyrics. - mkcrusher

This song is the most underrated song on Recovery.

Lyrically the best song of the album. I love it so much, it was such a great tribute to Proof. And I'm pretty sure that if he could see Em now he'll be so proud that he got over his demons and he keeps making good music.

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14 Seduction

The only song other than space bound on the album that I can consistently listen to, hell the song's lyrics are obviously straight forward, but other than that the flow is incredible, the rhythm is something like mockingbird. A true song to blast in your bedroom. - bornmurphed

A nice song with a great fusion of all elements of rap. - mkcrusher

Wow, thought this would be in the top 3, brilliant song, has to be in his top 15

Mm. Chocolate Tarantulas!

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15 W.T.P.

This song is amazing love the beat should be at least top 10 - Totalbeasto001

Em can't make amazing dance songs, but this one is pretty good. Of course it's not my favorite, but it should be ranked higher.

It is an awesome song
It should've been on the top ten for sure

It's a Slim Shady song.
Recover doesn't have many.
And it was amazing

16 Won't Back Down

Easily top 10 on Recovery

This should be at least number 10 - germshep24

What I can't believe this song is not in the top 10! This song is amazing! One of the most original songs of this album, for me, one of the best of this album. Reminds me to survival.

Pink sings an amazing hook for this song
And the three verses of Eminem
An eye-opening mindblowing song!

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17 Untitled

One of the best songs on the album, only this low because it is a bonus track, but definitely top 10 - germshep24

Dispite how simple the title and idea is, Em brings some bars that I think bring a unique flow and smoother lyrics then most of his hits

It was a hidden track on the album however if you YouTube search it you should be able to find it relatively easy, In my honest opinion if you do a "top" song listing of an album you should have all the songs for voting. It is a really good song though, another OVERdose of Slim Shady is spread all across this entire track as well.

Am I the only one who loves this song?! Supremely underrated!

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18 Ridaz

Pretty much another overdose of Slim Shady, ha. It was on the iTunes Store Deluxe Edition Bonus Tracks, and it was a relatively good track for the album of "Recovery" itself enough that it should be open to be voted on by visitors and members alike of this site as well. Thank you.

Best song I ever heard

19 Session One

Love this song best one on the album

20 Despicable

I thought this was a breed of cat? Huh?

Good flo and changes the beat - amit1515

This song isn't even on the album.

21 Fly Away

Unbelievably good song lyrically & catchy hook, would of been 3rd best song on album, can't believe it didn't make it.

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