Best Songs From Evanescence's Evanescence

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My Heart Is Broken

Truly an amazing song. I have never heard Amy's pipes go so powerful before so effortlessly. I love the album and this song, best on the album.

Lost in Paradise

"Lost in Paradise" for their third album is something like "My Immortal" for Fallen

My favorite song from the album, as I hear this song I hear much great songs from their first album, "Fallen"

What You Want

Very cool!

Erase This

Amy's singing is stunning on all the songs of all their albums, but especially on this. Listen to the notes she holds in the choruses of this song: they're amazing. The way she holds the notes and how powerful and beautiful her voice is, it's beyond perfect, you wouldn't think it possible of a human to sing like that.
This is one of my favourite songs by Evanescence. This song is so underrated. This is personally one of my favourites by the band.

End of the Dream
Made of Stone

One of their best songs on this album. I really love it!

Never Go Back

IT's a fantastic song

Moving lyrics and sound

The Other Side

My favorite song from the album, really great song.

Secret Door

I don't understand how this can be so low. Maybe because it is a bonus song, but it is far more beautiful than over half the other top 10s!

Yes, this is actually the best song of the album!

The Change

It's the best. The lyrics are so real and the chorus is really cool - it's just like "screaming on the inside."

This song reminds me a bit of "Lose Control" from The Open Door.

The Contenders

Swimming Home

Why is this song so low? I’m so obsessed with it, my second favorite on the album, only losing to Lost in Paradise.


WARNING: this song could cause an Eargasm or even a full-on boner... In which we hold no responsibilities for, what-so-ever.

New Way to Bleed
Say You Will
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