Best Songs On Foo Fighters' The Colour and the Shape


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1 Everlong

Is there any question to where this song would be? Ask any Foo fan and they'd probably tell you Everlong. The history behind the song and its effects on Dave really show in the song. For me, this song doesn't just grab at my heartstrings, it ripped my heart out of my chest. If you haven't heard it yet, FIX THAT.

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2 Monkey Wrench
3 My Hero
4 Hey, Johnny Park!

The intro and Dave's voice... I get chills when I hear it.

5 Wind Up
6 Enough Space
7 My Poor Brain
8 Up In Arms
9 February Stars

Very good song it shouldn't be this low I mean 14 this should be top 5 its very underrated please listen to it a few times youll like it

10 Walking After You

The Contenders

11 See You
12 New Way Home
13 Baker Street

This is such a jam - LizardKing99

14 The Colour and the Shape
15 Drive Me Wild
16 Dear Lover
17 Requiem
18 Down In the Park

What the hell this song rules
19. Doll
18. Drive Me Wild
17. Wind Up
16. My Poor Brain
15. Up In Arms
14. The Colour And Shape
13. Enough Space
12. See You
11. Dear Lover
10. Requiem
9. Baker Street
8. Walking After You
7. New Way Home
6. Down In The Park
5. February Stars
4. Down In The Park
3. Monkey Wrench
2. Everlong
1. My Hero

19 Doll
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