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61 Love Rescue Me

Hauntingly brilliant

62 Tomorrow
63 Numb

Just heard this for the first time and its rocking me big time.

One of U2 most experimental songs. Stands out from the crowd!

This blew me away when I first heart it. So unique.

One of my favourites!

64 Mothers of the Disappeared

I am so shocked that this song is not in the top ten! This is the best song by u2 ever! The lyrics, bono's voice are so good! Bono just sings it with so much feel and it evokes such sadness inside our heart whenever we hear this song! This deserves to be the best song by u2

65 Unknown Caller

What's whats what's there's clearly been a typo unknown caller 80 THIS SONG IS the BEST OF U2 people

Love that guitar solo, and such a melodic beat, pure class!

66 California (There Is No End to Love)

Why is it not in the list? Beautiful song!

67 God Part II
68 Treasure
69 No Line on the Horizon

How is this so low? Fantastic song and superb opener.

The greatest one, perfect!


70 Ordinary Love

Come on! This song deserves to be in the top 10.
I can listen to it over and over again and never get bored. Once you listen to this song you can't stop singing it. TRUST ME

Awesome new trend.. !

In a way it's sad, U2 has really only made 3 songs that have a nice beat, good guitars, and are more than bono and edge just playing guitars and basically talking to each other or the listener. Ordinary love is one of the 3 along with New Year's Day and Sunday Bloody Sunday, and ordinary love is the best of the 3.
1 ordinary love
2 New Year's Day
3 Sunday Bloody Sunday

This has to move up the ranks! This song made me SING! and I was so happy I cried!

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71 Seconds


72 Mofo

I like the dance music that they have done to this song and I like it when they do something new. This song also has a good beat ti this song even though don't really like this type of music.

Brings Good memories of nice times. Is not the common U2 song and that is another of its pros. It sounds Great and I'm sure that will be more appreciated in the future.

73 Surrender
74 Two Hearts Beat As One

One of their better than the best song... How ever it's xtremely underrated. Wish this song would have known to many...

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75 Breathe

Great song that is way too low on this list! Love The Edge's guitar in this song!

Very cool song. Best tune on NO LINE ON THE HORIZON.

76 Party Girl
77 Mercy

... The only reason this isn't up on the first page is because most people have never heard it. It has some of the most emotion I've ever heard in a U2 song, about as much as their classics. "You're gravity searching for the ground, you're silence searching for a sound" is one of Bono's most powerful lyrics ever. As of the time I am writing this there is a possibility that this song will be on the follow up to No Line On the Horizon... I really hope it makes it so it will get the attention (and therefore the appreciation) that it truly deserves.

78 When I Look at the World
79 This Is Where You Can Reach Me Now
80 The Three Sunrises
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