Best Songs From Fun.'s Some Nights

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1 Some Nights

This song is amazing. It has an original, and awesome beat, and just sounds really cool. The lyrics have meaning, and are pretty inspirational too. I love the synthesized part.

I love it so much. It's amazing.

Its a very lovely and interesting song, a better verson of rock and pop plus creativity from fun.

Some nights I'm scared you forget me again!

2 We are Young

Described by Billboard as a "grandiose alternative number, built on theatrical orchestration and a propulsive, immediate chorus that beams with inspirational effect. " - MatrixGuy

Come on guys, let's set the world on fire! (=

I love this band, its one of my favorite bands! This song is my favorite because its just awesome! This should go in the top 10!

I really love this song

3 Carry On

Awesome! Song man it's so radical it's like the best song I've ever heard man the best song ever man the band fun. Should be called the kings of fun man better songs than the king of pop msn amazing

LOVE THIS SONG! Amazing meaning and even better chorus tune!

I absolutely love it, it is so inspirational and they are amazing at making music!

This song is my favorite, because it has so much meaning to it. LOVE THIS BAND! CAN'T WAIT TO SEE THEM LIVE IN SEPTEMER!

4 Why Am I the One

Why don't more people love this song? It's amazing

I really love Fun. They are my Favorited band ever. Everyone should love them so much. Nate is so fit as wel who could disagree with me I mean come on seriously. So great song love it and would love to hear more Fun. Songs that they will be working on. :) x

This song is a truly amazing song. It gives of the feeling of a positive song, and at the same time a depressing song.

It's sounds like the 70's!

5 All Alone

Sounds like an old song

I wish this one was longer it's so good!

6 All Alright

This song came into my life at such a crucial time and just real hit home. It was scary how much myself and my two dearest friends would be affected when this came on in the car. We had a hell of a week and it would just make all of us think and feel like "Someone really gets us right here and now. " We still all message eachother when we hear it and aren't together. It became on of our symbols of closeness. Amazing

Is a lovely song... Wait for a several months and we will see it on the top...

This is a beautiful but depressing song and my personal favorite on the album. It's just so apathetic and passive. I love it.

Hopefully this wont fail like Why Am I The One did. I know this song has potential for the hot 100. This song has gotten me through some tough times.

7 Stars

This song is just amazing. If you have ever gone to a FUN. concert, you'll know what I'm saying. The crowd goes wild with it. It makes you feel free.

Beautiful song of Fun! Love it! - DamnYea

What an amazing song... I love it

8 It Gets Better

Chorus gets stuck in my head more often than any other on the album! Just can't help but sing along

It's so good

9 One Foot

I absolutely love this song! "I don't need a new love or a new life, just a better place to die" favorite line ever

This song should be 5th. It's truly amazing and I'm surprised that it's so low on this list.


10 Some Nights (Intro)

Some Night is the best song. I love the music video!

Best song that has ever haunted my ears.

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11 Out On the Town

What why is this last!

This is the best and most underrated song!

How is this a bottom song

This song is so catchy!

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