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21 Do You Wanna

Surprised it's so low on the list. It has a great beat to dance and sing to in my opinion.

Amazing song! More people should give it a chance!
The more you listen to it the better it gets!
If you love the Kooks you will love this awesome song!

What an amazing chorus riff! This somg grows on you, it must go higher on the list

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22 Bad Habit

Don't forget their new stuff. Still good indie rock!

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23 Rosie

OHH mygod this is so god!

24 Do You Love Me Still?

That beginning captures the mood of reminiscing on old love perfectly

25 Killing Me

I totally agree. This for me is The Kooks best song. The lyrics are beautiful and it has an air of melancholy that is just sad and joyous at the same time, stunning.

Their best song by far

Best kooks song for me

This would be a close second to "Naïve" for me. It has such beautiful lyrics with amazing verses leading to the heartbreaking bridge where Luke Pritchard's voice breaks at "will the wind blow her away? "

26 One Last Time

I'm in love with this song

I think it's the best song of them so far. It's simple, but beautiful

The best and most emotional song

27 Around Town

This song is just stuck in my mind! It surely deserves a place among the first ten!

This is the most beautiful kooks' song

28 Young Folks V 1 Comment
29 Love It All

Love It All. I do love it all; the whole song. Arrgh I don't understand why this is at 43! It should be in the top ten! The way he says "love it all" in the chorus is insane, it's heaven to listen to. More people need to know this song by The Kooks.

Really good listen 10/10 recommend

30 Forgive & Forget

How is this song not on the list? Brilliant tune in my opinion, so full of energy. Their new album is fantastic overall, their best if you ask me.

Seriously deficient rating system where new brilliant songs are below mediocre old songs

31 See the World

A great and catchy song, sort of underrated it seems.

It doesn�'t say much but it's one of my favourites, sounds really cool...

32 Eskimo Kiss
33 All Over Town
34 Stormy Weather

Best The Kooks song!

35 Sweet Emotion

Such a brill song, definitely gets better the more you listen!

Such a simple song, but extremely sexy and just lovely

36 No Longer

This song should definitely be up there with Naive as one of the Kooks best songs. My personal favorite off of Konk.

37 Picture Frame

The guitar in this song is just so nice and the feel is extremely chill I love it

38 If Only

This is such a great song but so underrated. The bass line is absolutely stunning just like the rest of the song.

39 Down

Brand new Kooks. It's way better then all previous albums so far.

40 Backstabber

How doesn't anyone like The Kooks' new stuff. As a fan that's been there from the start, I dig the new record. This song has got a VIBE THAT JUST... wow.

One of the Kooks' best in my opinion. I'm surprised it hasn't made the list yet. Has a really cool groove to it!

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