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1 Fuel

This is easily their best song on reload. It has such a great vibe. The unforgiven 2 in my opinion is the worst of the unforgiven trilogy. It is too poppy

This song for me is best from reload, I like when James scream gimme gimme fire and wish I desire

My favorite off of Reload. Everything about this song is kickass. I get addicted to this song so much! Please vote for this amazing song!

This song always gets me head banging

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2 The Unforgiven II

I love The Unforgiven II. I Think this one should be number 1! It's my personal favorite on this album! Get it up to where it's supposed to be: NUMBER 1! Vote. - jennifersanchez

It's my #1 favorite on Reload. I actually dare say I like this one better than the Unforgiven 1. This is my favorite Unforgiven. This song is also in my top 10 best Metallica songs. Sadly they hardly play this one live. They should play Unforgiven II live a lot more often. Please vote.

I'd prefer the third one, but this song is also good but not the best of the trio... it's a bit mellow

1. II
2. Fuel
3. Memory
4. Fixxxer
5. Low Man
6. Wild Thingz
7. Dance
8. Charming
9. Carpe
10. Attitude
11. Better
12. Bad Seed
13. Slither

🤘 - BekoT.

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3 The Memory Remains

This song, Fuel, and Devil's Dance is pretty much the whole reason I got this album. Most of the others are okay...

Easily the best on the album

This song is so catchy the chorus is magnifique😜 and the singing from marianne faithful puts the icing on the cake - JULESMETAL13

4 Fixxxer

Simply the best song on ReLoad! This song is so epic and the lyrics are one of the best ever! A shame that it has never been played live!

Wow! This is my favorite Metallica song! Too bad they haven't played it live!

Great song to finish the Load/ReLoad era.

This song is superb!
It's actually quite creepy, the intro gives me chills..
Chorus is just awesome! - jontskuuuu

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5 Carpe Diem Baby

Carpe Diem Baby is probably my favorite song on the whole ReLoad album. I'm glad that Metallica played this song last year at the Fillmore show!

Awesome jam! This is one of my favorite songs from ReLoad, if not, my favorite. - johnpaularguelles

This song is amazing. This is one of my favorite songs from this album! I love pretty much everything about this song, especially the solo. Please vote!

Love this song! One of the best on reload!

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6 Devil's Dance

I love this song. creepy lyrics, awesomely creepy solo, and an awesome bassline. should be number 1!

This is the only song I can really enjoy on the album. I know I might get dislikes for saying that but this song and the riff is just awesome!

Really heavy and awesome lyrics. One of my favorites off of this album. This song is definitely being underrated on this list.

So good

7 Low Man's Lyric

Should be a little higher on the list in my opinion. It's very different but it's great. I like it. - johnpaularguelles

The emotion in this song is extreme and can be compared to Bleeding Me from the previous. This and Bleeding Me = tears streaming down my eyes!

The best song on the album, only metal elitists disagree...

tis good

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8 Where the Wild Things Are

One of the best Metallica's songs. ! Very underrated

Very unique vibe to it... Solemnful whilst eerie and sneaky and powerful tone to it

9 Prince Charming

How is this not ranked the best! Album is mediocre at best, but this song is phenomenal. Great lyrics and an awesome riff. Way better than the horrible sequel Unforgiven II. That song was a disgrace to the original.

Really catchy riff and underrated song!

The lyrics didn't make that much sense but the way they were sang made it awesome!

10 Better Than You

Better Than You deserves to be at least in the top 3 in my opinion! I love the solos in this song. Pretty much everything else is awesome as well!

This is my 2nd favorite song on the album, only behind Fuel.

Absolutely kicks ass! Needs to be in the top five AT LEAST!

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11 Bad Seed

This song is full of energy! Would be so good live, shame they never played it. Great song.

Bad Seed has to be one of my favourite songs from this album, just take a listen of it yourself. - Mumbizz01

12 Attitude

Seriously? #10? Way better then Bad Seed, Fixer, and doesn't even COMPARE to The Memory Remains. Should be at least #5 or #4.

13 Slither

Don't go looking for snakes you might find them!

Worst song on the album by far... It SUCKS ASS!

Very good song, probably the best in the album

Riff sounds like enter sandman's

Indeed, but the song itself is very different from Enter Sandman. Although this is not my favorite from this album, I like the lyrics in this one.

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