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1 Hysteria

No question. Probably the greatest, most intense bass track I've ever heard on a song. - ChristianDavid

Thank god this is number one. Anything else would've been so confusing.

I love this song! One of my favourite Muse songs! Brilliant bass :3 - HollyRolo


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2 Stockholm Syndrome

Incredible guitar and drumming, so, so powerful live, the outro blows your head off, and if you are lucky enough to hear a scream. Look out.

One of the songs that really convinced me Muse is epic! Too bad I might have listened this song and other music from Muse too much, but this song is still nice! The drama, the energy, the piano in the background... I LOVE IT.

Strong guitar riffs, powerful drumming and extremely fast bass with Matt's voice combines for a very intense jam

This is the best song from Muse

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3 Time is Running Out

Why is this not at the top. Its a really underrated song, people just need to know it and they'll love it

This is a song that got me into Muse. Used to be my favourite Muse's song and favourite from Absolution. In fact it is terribly difficult for me to pick up one song from this album as my favourite. I love all of them + B sides. They are great musically and lyrically. The whole Absolution, which has been my favourite album from Teignmouth band for pretty long time, is also a very personal album for me. Lyrics in many songs hit so close home...

Love hysteria too but I would have to pick this one (hard choice) - UsernameHere

Waugh better than hysteria

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4 Butterflies & Hurricanes

Butterflies and Hurricanes is the most amazing piece of music in the history of the human race. It has so many layers and Matthew Bellamy does the writing, vocals, guitar and the piano. The lyrics may be a little repetitive but the song doesn't need sounding lyrics to make it great, it blends the guitar, piano, vocals and drums to create a song that gradually gets faster and louder until the beautiful piano piece and when you think its all over, Matt pulls a Billy Mays and there's more. The worst part of this song is that it ends.

Though the album as a whole isn't my favorite, Stockholm syndrome, hysteria, thoughts of a dying atheist, and this are four of my favorite muse songs. - uofmfan1221

Probably their best. Very underrated.

The first muse song I was heard.that's great!

5 Apocalypse Please

My favourite Muse song after Knights of Cydonia. Slightly underrated to be honest. Really epic, and I especially love Matt's vocal performance in this track. - Ross115

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6 Sing for Absolution

I love the piano at the start of this awesome song and there's some pretty cool guitar the the end and in the very last chorus.

Beautiful song, especially in the rare times they play it live half a step down making the chorus incredible.

Beautiful song on album, love the piano and pretty much evwrything. as said, look at live at glastonbury half a step down, the chorus is spine-tingling

7 Thoughts of a Dying Atheist

To be honest, this "was" my favorite song of this album, until I set this as my morning alarm. Nevertheless, I think this should be at least in the top5, hence my vote. Good sensible lyrics with fitting instruments and melody, with climaxes that touch the heart of every atheist listening to the song.

8 The Small Print

Such an underrated track! The riff is sick and the drums and vocals are epic af!

9 Blackout

Everyone should listen the orchestral version of it

Most beautiful muse song! Please vote this to top 10

1. Hysteria
2. Blackout
3. Butterflies and Hurricanes
4. Apocalypse Please
5. Time Is Running Out

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10 Falling Away with You

Seriously not in the top ten? This song is beautiful!

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11 Ruled by Secrecy

The current top 5 isn't terrible, but the rest of the list could use a little rearranging. Ruled by Secrecy could be one of, if not, the most passionate song Muse has ever performed. It is simply beautiful all around, with some very chilling lyrics. I suggest listening to it live in Earl's Court, just for a taste of the passion they put through this song.

LISTEN TO THE BADASS PIANO! I normally just play guitar but this song made me go get a keyboard and teach myself to play... Just because it is not as intergetic as many other song on the album does not mean it should not get on the list! If you listen to the lyrics you will know why this song is so amazing. Lots of lyrics from this album are angry and fast, but this song is angry, slow and thoughtful. A whole new demintion to muse's music.

12 Fury

Fury is the B-side that deserves to be on the main album more than most of the album itself does, and stands up there as one of Bellamy's favorite works to perform. It has one of the most impressive intros I've heard, and compounds upon religion as an escape. "And we'll pray that there's no God/To punish us and make a fuss"--it's the sinners' secret prayer for forgiveness, for exoneration--it commemorates Absolution. - kanadesong

13 Endlessly

The lyrics are so powerful and sad. The "but the moment never comes" at the end is so depressing. A genius song.
My list:
Stockholm Syndrome
Thoughts of a Dying Atheist
Time is Running Out
Butterflies and Hurricanes
Ruled by Secrecy
Falling Away With You
Apocalypse Please

Not the best, but not #10. For me top 5 is Hysteria, Time is Running Out, Falling Away With You, Endlessly and Sing for Absolution.

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14 Intro

How come this is last? This is a great song!

Quite possibly the greatest song of all time!

15 Interlude

The lyrics are awesome

16 Attack Attack


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1. Sing for Absolution
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1. Time is Running Out
2. Thoughts of a Dying Atheist
3. Stockholm Syndrome

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