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21 Pipes of Peace

Harmonies, melodic, uplifting, nostalgic... My favorite song ever... Does not get the recognition I feel it should

22 Listen to What the Man Said
23 Helter Skelter

With this song paul prove the he not only wrote ballad, but he can write some loud and dirty music

1968 - The first heavy metal song.

24 Through Our Love
25 Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band
26 Here, There and Everywhere

Fun Fact: Paul McCartney was at a party and he heard the song God Only Knows, by the band The Beach Boys, off their album Pet Sounds, and the song impressed him as one of the most beautiful songs ever made (he might have used some of those words exactly) That night he went home and wrote Here, There, and Everywhere.

27 Blackbird

Melodic, meaningful, clean and evocative

28 All My Trials

A sentimental inspiring old song with added lyrics by macca which moves and gives hope

29 This Never Happened Before

How is this song not on the list? It has such strong Beatle-esque feel to it. Paul is a genius!

30 Let 'em In
31 So Bad

A catchy song in pipes of peace

32 My Love

My Love represents the best in McCartney ballads of love. Filled with exquisite vocal range and beautiful melodies! Written for Linda and performed for, to quote Paul: " all the lovers out there"... My Love's openening Bbmaj7 chord sets up a subtle and melodic tension that comes to rest on the solid foundation of an Am chord as if Paul has just arrived home to his Linda... Safe and assured at last! A beautiful marriage of lyric and melody indeed. Recorded live with full strings and a stunning guitar solo My Love is Paul McCartney "pop" for sure BUT with a unique SOUL of it's own! - frank

Got to be one of the best love songs of all time.

A love song for the ages.

Unbelievablly beautiful song

33 My Brave Face
34 Mrs. Vandebilt

This song has so much energy! Absolutely amazing in concert!

35 Goodnight Tonight


36 All My Loving


37 Ebony and Ivory
38 No More Lonely Nights

I love the guitars!

Should be WAY higher

39 Uncle Albert/Admiral Halsey

One of the coolest songs I have ever heard! It would fit in perfectly on abbey road too!

40 My Valentine
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