Best Songs From Queen's Jazz

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1 Don't Stop Me Now

Simple the most powerful love ballad! Absolutely favorite track off this album!

1) Don't Stop Me Now
2/3) Fat Bottomed Girls/Bicycle Race
4) Dead On Time
5) Let Me Entertain You
6) Dreamer's Ball
7) Jealousy
8) In Only Seven Days
9) Mustapha
10) If You Can't Beat Them
11) Leaving Home Ain't Easy
12) More Of That Jazz
13) Fun It

This song shows everything queen was, from freddys vocals to amazing guitar riffs and slow piano openings. It totally encompasses what made the band fantastic. - LegitCamel

Yes. No other song to express sheer fun. It seems that the whole band had fun performing, and I think that this would make an excellent, no, spectacular sports anthem. It has the soft piano intro, then it just blasts off into the one song that is enough to get a party going. So, don’t stop us now, we will keep voting no matter what!

2 Fat Bottomed Girls

Great riff, super drums and a fun sing a long, it's the best song from Jazz. Don't Stop Me Now and Dead on Time are also very good songs.

Great song and is one of there best

Should be number 1! - gemcloben

3 Bicycle Race

One of my favorite of Queen! - rock2metal

4 Mustapha
5 Dead on Time

if your after queen sound then don't stop me now is the way to go and you would be spot on for a great song to, but for a bit of their creativity check this out! amazing guitar and speedy vocals freddie really is the governor of singing

Only 9th place, well before I voted for it, it was 10th, but this is a good song. Just listen to the first minute of the song.

This list is way mixed up

1 - If you Can't Beat them
2 - Dead on Time
3 - Don't Stop me Now
4 - Bicycle Race
5 - Fat Bottomed Girls

6 Let Me Entertain You

One of my favorite songs

7 More of that Jazz
8 Jealousy

Absolutely beautiful. This song tops all else on Jazz

9 If You Can't Beat Them
10 Dreamer's Ball

The Contenders

11 In Only Seven Days
12 Fun It
13 Leaving Home Ain't Easy
14 C'est la Vie

C'est la vie by Andrzej Zaucha - helios55

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1. Don't Stop Me Now
2. Fat Bottomed Girls
3. Bicycle Race
1. Bicycle Race
2. Let Me Entertain You
3. Don't Stop Me Now
1. Fat Bottomed Girls
2. Don't Stop Me Now
3. Bicycle Race

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