Best Songs On Red Hot Chili Peppers' I'm With You


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1 The Adventures of Rain Dance Maggie The Adventures of Rain Dance Maggie

Very catchy song! the new guitarist give red hot chilli peppers a new feel to their music! - dragon13304

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2 Brendan's Death Song Brendan's Death Song

For me it's the best song on the album is very good as well as being the album cover!

Easily the best of the post-Frustiante era, this song is amazing. All band members are at their best and Josh reaches his peak on the guitar so far

Chilly pepers showing they can still evolve and grow after 30 years amazing, great song, very different from their older stuff

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3 Police Station Police Station

This is the 2nd best song on the album, after 'Did I Let You Know'. It's got a feel of something that could have been on 'By The Way'; it's very mellow and compelling with it.

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4 Factory of Faith Factory of Faith

Catchy baseline. Love it!

5 Monarchy of Roses Monarchy of Roses V 1 Comment
6 Look Around Look Around

Best song by far the video on youtube is great this song is so underrated. It is definitely one of red hot chili peppers best songs.

The lyrics in the start of this one. can't get it outa my head just so freakishly good

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7 Meet Me at the Corner Meet Me at the Corner

This along with 'Police Station' are the 2 best songs from this album, in my opinion.

Josh's voice is so mesmerizing. His guitar play is beautiful on this song. Honestly one of my favorite RHCP songs

This song is just perfect. The chord progression sound so simple but in fact is pretty complex, amazing blues licks´╗┐ and don't even get me started on the vocals. Pretty chill song and one of my favourites from RHCP.

8 Goodbye Hooray Goodbye Hooray
9 Even You Brutus? Even You Brutus? V 2 Comments
10 Did I Let You Know Did I Let You Know

This is by far and away the stand out song on a rather mediocre album. As a RHCP fan, I have persevered with the album and it is growing on me but this track was immediately interesting and it is so consummate to everything else around it, it would grace a best of album from the band. It's got a great guitar hook and the drums trip along catchily.

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11 Annie Wants a Baby Annie Wants a Baby
12 Ethiopia Ethiopia

I love the unique beat tempo, the bass, and the chill and airy sound.

I think that this song is actually the most catchiest one beside 'Annie wants a baby now'. And I always felt that there was something missing in the refrain of '... Rain Dance Maggie". But hey, this is just my opinion ;) E-I-O-I-E-I-A...

13 Happiness Loves Company Happiness Loves Company
14 Dance, Dance, Dance Dance, Dance, Dance

Only bad song on this incredible album

This is really the worst song on the Album.
The internet spoke the truth

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1. Monarchy of Roses
2. Factory of Faith
3. Brendan's Death Song
1. The Adventures of Rain Dance Maggie
2. Look Around
3. Monarchy of Roses
1. Police Station
2. The Adventures of Rain Dance Maggie
3. Factory of Faith

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