Best Songs From Skrillex's Bangarang EP


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1 Breakn' a Sweat
2 Kyoto

:( how isn't this first A! :(

3 Bangarang

This song is the number one of the songs of Bangarang EP. It's a crazy song.

Most popular song, best beat, deserves to be #1!

Come on... This track should top number 1
Best song of the album
Or the best track of all!

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4 Right on Time
5 The Devil's Den

Skrillex and Wolfgang Gartner should do more stuff like this together. This song right here is pure magic and a huge piece of art. Addictive beats and synths keep your head bobbing and toe tapping. Should already be 3rd place.

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6 Right In

Why is this not number 1?! I mean come on the bass drop is amazing! You guys are werid this such a cool song and the visuals are even more amazing!

7 Summit
8 Skrillex Orchestral Suite

This song should be rated over right on time people!

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