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1 Buy U a Drank

I'd let him buy me a drink.

T-pain's voice, the beats, the music, the raps, and the music video, everything's a Knock-out! I Love this Song! It makes me listen to it every time!

Let Me Buy You Drink? Huh! Best Song Of T Pain! And Coolest! Muah!

good song

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2 Bartender

Way Better than buy you a drink!
Should be number one!

Best song in the world a/c to me, if there's another dan let me know, it should be number 1 nt at 2

One of the best song of t pain but "Take Your Shirt Off"
Should be in top 3... It's the best hiphop song

One of my favourite of t pain

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3 Low

Great song!
I just loved it
This song is epic and so is the music video... Top 3 for sure!...
In the song only the bit sang by t pain was amazing than pitbull but pitbull is very good he has done good feats with others also

Shawty had an apple bottom JEAN... What a song that was.. T Pain Rocked totally.. His voice is amazing!

Huge hit! Groundbreaking for its time and introduced a whole new time of rap and hip/hop into the mainstream

Best song, flo rida make the best. Tis song was amazing even a kid can follow.

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4 Best Love Song

Its just amazing... I am in love with this song!
It rocks... I mean chris brown and t-pain have totally rocked the song...! I just love this song! Its damn good...

Really... This is the best love song... It's better than buy you a drank, bartender and low... First listen to it... Then you will vote for it for sure... Its really good

It's THE BEST SONG EVER! This is the best song of T pain please press the vote button... SUper awesome song! Superb!

This is the best tpain song ever! He nails the auto-tune so it feels as awesome as chris's soothing voice! Plus the pop rock beats are what makes this song a masterpiece. And the lyrics! Just hear it and if you will think of your Love of your life every time this plays ❤️

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5 5 O'Clock

It's 5 O'Clock in the morning, conversation go boring...
I Love This Song, Too Much! This song must have a better place. I Think it should be at Number 1 of this list, It's better than Buy you a Drank, Bartender, etc... Please Guys, VOTE IT!

Its totally awesome! Wiz khalifa, T pain and Lily Allen Have rocked it. It should be at number 1. Guys please vote for this

Overdosed autotune, but I enjoy it. Autotune JESUS

So this song is a beast. wiz and pain kulled it its just a great song

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6 Hey Baby (Drop It to The Floor)

in the song only the bit sang by t pain was amazing than pitbull but pitbul is very good he has done good feats with others also

Tats our auto tuned t-pain back with an awesome company of pitbull love this song so much

You should go for it!
Its extremely awesome... I am obsessed with this one.
Its is the best song of T-Pain!
Pitbull also did well!

That's song is realty good

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7 Can't Believe It

Love t pains singing, the beat and lil waynes mumble rap verse

Awesome vocals, and Lil' Wayne sounds awesome in it too. - McLaynel23

Great song! Especially the one (remix0 with Justin timberlake... Great combo of the two fabulous singers

I think its a really expressive love-ish type song

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8 Church

This song is epic and so is the music video... Top 3 for sure!... After buy you a drank and I'm sprung

You just can't explain how awesome this song is. 'that Beat Doe'

I just say it's awesome

It's a ok song

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9 Take Your Shirt Off

This is the best and nastiest of all songs number #1 better than buy you a drank t-pain nice keep it coming

This should be at number 1
It's just awesome tpain is the best rapper/singer alive I love all his music I can't name one song I don't like it's just raw

This is supposed to be number 1

Song it amazing
It's just awesome tpain is the best rapper/singer alive I love all his music I can't name one song I don't like it's just raw

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10 I'm 'n Luv (Wit a Stripper)

T pain is my stripper! I love his voice, lyrics and this is my favourite song overall!

According to me, this song should rank 1..

The remix is even better

Anthem in the strip club

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11 All I Do Is Win UListen to Sample
12 Kiss Kiss

Nice song should be in top 10

This should be #2

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13 I'm Sprung

This song is great beat, lyrics and t-pain's voice of course

Best simple song ever

Beautiful song

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14 International Love
15 Turn All the Lights On

Best song. That's all I have to say.

I first heard this song through watching the performance of "Team B" from the show "WIN - Who Is Next". When you listen to this song, it makes you go dance even if your not into dancing. It's like your in a club having fun with your friends! That's how cool this song is.

It's a cool song it must be top 10.. Yeah man.. Wonderful song

Ne Yo and t pain rocks you should listen to this song once. My favourite!

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16 Silver and Gold

Best t-pain song there is

17 All the Above

One of the best songs ever! Just give it a chance!

There's no reason, it should be in top 5!

Everybody would sing this song

Best pump up song ever!

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18 Bang Bang Pow Pow

Great beat with an excellent feature by Lil Wayne.

All r neglecting T Pain... He is far better than Eminem

T-pain voice, all I do is win

This the best song

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19 I'm a Flirt

wasn't his song but he contributed greatly

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20 Studio Luv UListen to Sample
21 Freeze
22 Up Down (Do This All Day)


Cannot get over how good that song is. So catchy.

Definitely the best song!

The best! Killer number! '

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23 Put It Down

This is his best song, per Richard D.

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24 Blame It

This is unfair it should be in Top 10... T Pain rocks with Jamie Foxx... Awesome lyrics... Remove church and I'm in love and put TURN ALL THE LIGHTS ON and Blame it... T Pain the best...

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25 Blow Ya Mind

This is T-pain at his best. Has the club feel yet still solid R&B feel. This song is obviously for the older crowd!

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26 I'm On a Boat

I know he was only featured on the song but it's a really good song

One of my favourite songs of all time. T-Pain is really great in it and I love how he just echoes all the swears. V dgt

27 Karaoke

#1 because Khaled - hiphopgod

great song. this is the best. hands down pain ripped people. awsome. buy u a drank is in top ten but not top one

number 1 it is hilarious

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28 Booty Wurk

Great Music. Good Timing. Average lyrics. Overall a good song. I'd recommend it. Compared to his other song's this is actually very good but I ain't the best critic.

Better than best love song for sure

Damn good song, Should definitely be either number one or number two in the list. One of his most catchy songs

Very good music especially at the club. Sets the dance mood of every fems 👌

29 Chopped 'n' Skrewed

Cold to show off too

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30 Look at Her Go UListen to Sample
31 One More Drink UListen to Sample
32 Kiss Her

This is a good song check it out.

33 69 UListen to Sample
34 Therapy UListen to Sample
35 Let You Go

Great song by all standard

36 Backseat Action UListen to Sample
37 Bottlez UListen to Sample
38 U and Dat

This is an amazing song by T-Pain and E-40 the fastest rapper you never want to miss listening to him. This song is the best of the best. The beat is hot, the lyrics are cool and all in all T-pain sounds so cool.

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39 It's Not You

Best song for T pain

Awesome club banger.
Love you t-pain.

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40 I'm Dancin'
41 Separated

Amazing and emotional song
It's one of the best songs of T-pain the great singer

42 Zoosk Girl
43 Drowning Again

Best sad song... T PAIN is a rapper... But its the best sad song

I love this songs and I just first heard I am lising to it right now I a romatinc sad song I love it it just take my breathe and heart away I am listing to it about 50 time I definteley love this song I hope yell like it it's a sad song this is the greatest song I ever heard. By naiazia foster

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44 Better UListen to Sample
45 Suicide

Just Listen and you'll know why.

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46 Holla Holla UListen to Sample
47 SupperTime

This is T pain Best R&B song. You should vote for this. At least it is top ten. Amazing song ever!

48 Shawty

This should be at least in top ten...

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49 Drankin Patna UListen to Sample
50 Reverse Cowgirl UListen to Sample
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