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21 How Did It Come to This
22 When We Were Young

Just makes you want to close your eyes and get lost in your memories! Deserves to be higher up the list.

This is the most touching song I have heard from Take that... This song make you think of your old days that you will never get back.. Great one..

This song is just pure awesomness and it wants you to sing along. All you have to do is just listen to it and you will get lost in the lyrics because it's that cool and calm you'd want to listen to it at anytime in any situation.

23 Could It Be Magic
24 Up All Night
25 The Garden
26 Sure
27 What Is Love
28 Believe

Believe is so underrated. If only TT picked this as their next album's single

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29 Hold Up a Light V 2 Comments
30 Reach Out

Epic Song by them, one of the perfect songs I've heard in a while. Awesome intro, constant music, and beautiful lyrics accompanied by talented singers...

Just love this one, definitely gonna be in top 3 one day.

Listen to it once and you'll love it... - shouryat2b

31 Stay Together

Really Great song, should be with top 10.

32 These Days

What. This should definitely be number 1. It's easily by a mile their best song and it is the main reason I know them and that we all know them.

It's such a catchy and lively song. My favourite song. The most underrated song ever.

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33 What You Believe In
34 I'd Wait for Life

Awesome song... Tears rolled down my eyes...
Hoping this to be the number 1

35 I Found Heaven
36 Wait

I'm astonished by the fact that this song hadn't made the list until now! It's addictive, and somehow sets this calming mood, even though it isn't a very quiet song.

37 I Like It V 1 Comment
38 Nobody Else
39 Hello
40 Let In the Sun
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