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The violin is a wooden string instrument in the violin family. It is the smallest and highest-pitched instrument in the family in regular use.


The violin instrument has a nice sound. I'd really love the sound of this.

Violins are by far the most lovely string instruments and the most lovely instruments in general! I'm surprised that guitar has surpassed violin, wow! The violin and its family has this vibe to it- this elegant, refined, beautiful vibe that no other group of string instruments can ever compete with. The violin is so historical and one of the most important instruments in music. My vote will forever go out to the violin and its family.

It is the best! It's voice is close to the human voice!

I think violin is the best because it rich sound makes me feel emotional just how they want me to feel I play violin because I want to play finish learning the regular violin the electric violin

The violin is great because it's mobile, applies to other string instruments like the viola, cello, double bass, and even guitar. And it has a great sound range. It's the most notable in the orchestra..

The violin has beautiful sounds that you can express your emotions into.

I have played the violin for over 7 years and no matter how many times I've played it I never get bored or desensitized by the violins soothing sound

The violin gives you a new perspective of sound and music.

I like violin and I enjoy playing it every afternoon

I love violins! They sound beautiful, are easy to play, and are so much fun!

A beautiful string instrument. Being a classical music buff, this is my favorite instrument alongside the piano.

It makes a disturbing squeaky sound, is hard to learn, and is harder to listen to. I'd much rather hear a Piano or Cello

I makes you feel calm while playing and expresses your feelings in a whole nother way

I really like violin cause it make me feel good...

Violins are for all the cool kids

Am I right!

The violin in my opinion is the best instrument because it is so versatile and is amazing

The violin is way better than the guitar!

I play violin, and I love it! Vote violin!

I play violin and it is an amazing instrument to play

This is the most well known and it sounds so lovely

I play the violin and have for nearly 10 years. LOVE IT!

It is a very sweet sound and full of emotion.

Its just in every way STUPEFY+STUPEFY

Violins rock you gay viola player

I talk from experience by the way.