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Bear Grylls is the best out there. When he was just 18 years old, he attended the SAS Selection. The selection is the hardest in the world. It consists of carrying a fifty plus pound bag and hiking tens of miles at a time in the hilly Breakon Beakens with little food, water, or sleep. After that, he continued to the jungle training where you have to live, survive, and fight in the harsh jungles of Borneo. Then it's interrogation training where you have to resist torture and capture. It started with 150 men. Bear was one of 4 men to pass. After that he was trained in advanced weaponry, jungle survival, escape and evasion, and much more. He managed to recover from a bad parachute accident and be the youngest Brit to summit Mt. Everest. He's done many expeditions to raise money for charity's. His show is awesome! He is one of a kind and very enthusiastic! More than anything, he has a wonderful family. Good job Bear!

A true adventurer that has demonstrated his ability to survive in adverse conditions around the world. I believe that a true Survival Expert should have a history of being able to survive without any outside assistance before teaching the subject on or off the camera. Bear Grylls has a resume that demonstrates his ability and experience of having survived unaided in remote and potentially hostile climates.

Bear is the best in the world. The way he fight with nature I & I think the whole planet love him I think he knows everything. It is my dream to work with him. I don't know that is it possible? But I hope one day my dream will true and I will learn many things from this legend. Love you Bear...

I have bears fixed blade knife with a fire starter and 2others that are folding knives! But, the only bad thing about Bear is that some times he drinks his own urine! No offense but this us coming from a 11 year old! Other than that you are a inspiration to me! Your awesome Bear!

Bear is one of the greatest survival expert around. I watch anything and everything he has out; I have learned a lot from his shows and know I can survive with no problem. I have actually used lot of what I have learned and continue to practice different techniques to stay on top of my game.

Bear, WOW, no one comes close in the field of Hardcore survival, you only have to watch enough episodes form all to know the truth. SAS Survival Instructor, enough said.

I have watched all his films and read his books for he is my greatest inspiration, at the age of 10 I don't think I should be looking at jobs but being a survivalist ticks all of my boxes.

He has real world knowledge and can give practical techniques. Where as some of the other "top rated" suggest you swim through freezing cold water under a mountain not knowing where it comes out or if there is an exit.

Bear is by far the best survivalist who has ever lived. What I love about Bear is that he is such a risk taker, and will do anything for survival. The biggest thing that stands out is bears energy/additude.

Bear grylls is the most famous of all the survival experts, he does many things such as climb mountains, survives desert and cold terrain. He also has his own brand of survival equipment.

Bear is the best out there! Les Stroud sucks more than anyone in the world. Respond if u agree. Bear has been my favourite since I was little. He is the most entertaining to watch.

Bear Grylls is the survival expert that everyone wants to be. He spent years in the SAS, broke his back whilst parachuting and as soon as he recovered, he summits everest.

It's obviously Bear Grylls. He has to be; he's probably the most famous survival expert as well. Bear is always giving essential tips for surviving in the wilderness and he even has his own show!

In my way opinion nobody could survive more than him he is the all in one man army in every different regions bear grylls is most famous celebrity of surviving

Bear Grylls has taught me tons of survival tips he is awesome

I sent him a letter saying how I loved his shows and he sent me a signed photo and a written letter, he is the best

Bear Grylls is to so many people and he inspires people to learn more about syrvival and nature in general. He is by far the #1 favorite survivalist T.V. star today with his daredevil personality. This guy will do anything to survive from eating insects, to sleeping in a dead animal to not freeze overnight. You got to love Bear Grylls.

Bear Grylls is my most favourite survivalist and I dream of being like him I love to adventure and surviving in the forests

He is knowledgeable about everything in the wilderness and has special forces training Man vs. Wild is the reason I can survive in the wilderness.

Bear grylls is amazing I'm one of his biggest fans

Tough, not afraid to eat yay eyeballs or worms or raw snake or dead pigs. His shows are great and they are full with useful tips anywhere in the world

I think Bear Grylls does not know he has a lot of fans in Bangladesh. He should visit Bangladesh. My son is 13. He is mad for Bear.

S.A. S most elite fighting force in the world. Scout world leader. Most successful survivalist T. V show man vs wild

He good looking he is the best I would like too get training from him he is the best survival expert in the world

He always talks about courage and will power and put these qualities above techniques which is his best part.