Matt Graham


I think Matt Graham is wonderful. I appreciate his easy living attitude. Using him as inspiration, I have moved even farther in decluttering my home and owning fewer possessions. I am so much freer. I don't think I could ever go as primitive as Matt does, but I am buying next to nothing and donating what I don't use and the feeling is great. Oh, yea, and hiking more. If he can survive his way, I can certainly live more intentionally and flourish.

Matt Graham is my vote. His shelter building, primitive hunting skills are too notch and he does it all with a great attitude! He can physically keep up with Joe and then some, something Cody had a hard time with barefooted. He can go anywhere in the world and feel at home.

This list is a popularity contest, not who is truly the best survivalist. Take all 50 people above Matt on the list and put them in the Utah desert for years on end and see how they fare.

I love watching Matt! He is laid-back and always appreciative of the wonders of nature.

I nominate Matt Graham of Dual Survival and Dude You're Screwed... That man is talented.

He is the coolest and best laid back survivalist out there he really impresses me with his skill of shelter he is at least in the best too 5 better then most people in your too 5

By far the best I have watched them all none of them are even close I also did over 20 years in the military trust me that does not make you survival expert that guy is next level

Great guy feel like I'd be safe surviving with him.

Matt should be in the top 5 if you understand primitive survival skills.

Matt is awesome at surviving in the wilderness and being a primitive hunter. He looks so relaxed when he is in his outdoor elements. Definitely a person I would want to teach me surimi all skills. Love Matt on Dual surivival.

Don't see how this guy is not in the top 3. He's #1 in my book.

Matt is truly at one with the wilderness

This guy always finds good food, always make good shelters, never complains and are not an daredevil.

What more can I say.

Matt is the best. The real deal without the attitude. Calm and practical teaching without being narcissistic.

Matt & joe taught my family a lot of how to get rescued when lost!

The best...It's very difficult to see Matt getting nervous or afraid of something...

He's the most layer back, smart survivalist who actually enjoys all his treks

He truly is an Awesome Survivalist and a laid back compassionate Guy

Never miss an episode of dual survival, calm in any situation, skills that are unprecedented. Knowledgeable and explains what to do and how to do it for the layman. He's pretty impressive. If I had to be stuck with a survivalist, it'd be this guy.

Bear Grills should be the worst. Matt Gram for the WIN.

Matt is an inspiration to me and my career choice of a primitve survival expert. Because of him, I have decided to learn how to flint knap, build shelters, build fires, and adapt to and learn from the wonderful Mother Nature. I hope to follow Matt by studying primitve and native people to find out how they survived and learn how I to can survive.

Love matt graham he is the best in my opinion

Dude caught a Turkey with his bare hands

Matt is great and should be number 1

I love Matt...the best of all...he makes me feel calm...his voice and his way of living is awesome!