Travis Johnson


I had the fortune of training under Travis's instruction. His down to earth nature, friendliness, and knowledge of his surroundings made the class enjoyable for my wife and I. He is a true conservationist, realizing the value in the smallest of things in any given environment.

Now, I have worked with my dear friend Travis for the past 6 years. Travis has taught me more then survival tactics and the ability to survive in various places that man would not want to be caught dead in. This survival expert should be number one on this list, Travis taught me that mother nature is more then just a place you can get lost in. His hippie inside him clings to the world protecting it as much as he can, But his mountain man part teachs you what it takes in case she decides to throw a curve ball. This guy should be number one. Rock on brother!

Practice makes perfect and with his experience its him going to the top. Not because he knows lots of people but he has the resume and skills and years to show for it

You got to train with this expert not only does he teach you but gives you history and the science behind the survival techniques. He is truely one of the greats of survival. He had been labeled as the grandfather of survival by 1000s of people world wide

Best expert I know. His hands-on approach and experience in the field make him not only skillful but a great teacher.

Great guy and been doing it along time trained many many people Founder of one of the oldest schools in the world!

He is the only true person that should be called a expert on here besides les stroud. Vote for him take his class you will see

Travis simply knows what he is doing and gives practical and useful information.

He has a vast amount of knowledge. And has been teaching for over twenty years and practicing survival skills for over 30 he is great

A true expert is right here. Experience speaks for itself! Here is a proven survival expert who has studied with hundreds of natives from around the country! He learned from true experts and with over twenty five years in the industry he's is the man!

Great in all environments very proficient at all primitive skills. He is also well known for his survival teaching skills, He knows the science, histories, geology. The man knows his stuff!

True Survival is based on knowledge and proven skill. Not just because a person claims to be a expert. Travis is known as a true expert in survival and bush-craft skills.

Damn good and proven skills all over the world a real expert right here. He is also known as the Grandfather of survival by 1000's around the globe!

I was very impressed by Travis when I took some of his classes. He notices things you might need that others don't even think about. Vast knowledge in all aspects.

I've worked with Travis for years and he's the real deal survival badass... He is a true down to earth guy! Keep it rolling trav - survival_509

A very exprienced Survival Expert and Instructor with the real life experiences to go along with it. I trust Mr Johnson of Northwest Survival School with my life! I took his class this last summer and am saving up now for his renown Advanced class that takes place high in the North Cascades of Washington State. He will always come out on top in any survival situation he will be in simply because of his vast knowledge and experience

I took some classes that Travis offered. He is very skilled and I learned a great deal. He really knows his stuff out in the wild.

A great primitive skills instructor and very knowledgable on all aread of survival both primitive and modern.

He is the best known expert and professional survivist around!

A great instructor with 30 years experience which speaks for its self...a great man and teacher. You must take a class at northwest survival school you have no idea what you are missing

An rising star in the making and genuine with it

Awesome educator and very knowledgeable! Trust me his skills are true!

He's a true expert if someone in survival is called expert its Mr. Johnson.

He is awesome has great classes and is very knowledgeable the best

Travis, you are on your way up. Great commments here too man. You are deserving of the title survival expert. Keep up the great work and teachings.