Best Sweep Picking in the Solo

The Top Ten Best Sweep Picking in the Solo

1 Serrana - Jason Becker

.. you think there is better sweep picking solo than this?

2 Kissing The Shadows - Children Of Bodom

Best of all time

those who don't think this is the best... haven't heard the solo yet!

Absolutely the best.. In comparison Avenged Sevenfold is crap

3 End of the Beginning - Jason Becker
4 Na - Warfaze
5 The Wicked End - Avenged Sevenfold

Good. But I think its little bit of overrated for being on number 1. - zxm

6 Guti (The Finale) - Aurthohin

Okay I may overlove this song. But there is some great solos in this song which stuck in my head.

Anyway, the solos in this song were played by two guitarists Shishir and Kamal. And Kamal used some sweep picking in this song. Especially at the ending solo. Also with mix of some alternate pickings. - zxm

By the way, there is also an ending sweep picking lick at the end of the song. Kamal started it, then after the bass tapping solo Shishir again started to sweep pick. Maybe same chords. It lasted till the end of the song.

I am talking about additional sweep picking. I didn't add this song for it. - zxm

7 Altitudes - Jason Becker

Another great sweep picking. - zxm

8 Jordan - Buckethead

Wait, that was sweep picking?! I always thought it was something else. It must've been one of the most unique sweep picking. - zxm

9 Tornado of Souls - Megadeth
10 Detonation - Trivium

The Contenders

11 Eye Of The Storm - Bullet For My Valentine
12 The Poison - Bullet For My Valentine

I like avenged Sevenfold but this is just a bit better than the wicked end - sharm7064

13 Hate Crew Deathroll - Children Of Bodom
14 Drowned And Torn Asunder - Trivium
15 Painkiller - Judas Priest
16 Hate Me! - Children Of Bodom
17 Bat Country - Avenged Sevenfold

All the top ten spots on this lists belong to synyster gates!

18 Leper Messiah - Metallica
19 Mea Culpa - The Human Abstract
20 Needled 24/7 - Children Of Bodom
21 This Godless Endeavor - Nevermore
22 Fermented Offal Discharge - Necrophagist

He's a regular sweep picker. - zxm

23 The Glass Prison - Dream Theater
24 No Pity for a Coward - Rings of Saturn
25 Painkiller - Death
26 XIV - Born of Osiris
27 Death and the Healing - Wintersun
28 Scars of the Crucifix - Deicide
29 Dechristianize - Vital Remains
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