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1 Paradise Lost - Paradise Lost

Why the Hollywood Undead album cover? - Songsta41

This song is just incredibly moving. The entire Paradise Lost album is epic!

Paradise Lost, Paradise Lost... incredible. I love the chorus, its just beautiful

Love its melody, lyrics and every thing... A masterpiece... An essence of great music, compressed into a 6 minute song... Love it

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2 The Odyssey - The Odyssey

Whoever did not vote for this song is not a true Symphony X fan! This is an absolute masterpiece and one of my favourite songs ever along with Dream Theater's Octavarium and A Change Of Seasons.

This song has everything you want a song to have, Divine wings of tragedy has some unnecessary parts but this does not... You listen the song through and you wont ever get bored, prog in its best ways!

This song is ultimately twenty four minutes off epicness... I gotta say, The Divine Wings Of Tragedy is brilliant, but The Odyssey does it for me.

Pretty much the "how to" in what a progressive metal epic should be. A great lyrical story backed by one of Russell Allen's best performances. The perfect balance of heavy and soft guitar work, this song takes you on an adventure.

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3 When All is Lost - Iconoclast

Wow! This song truly shows the diverse nature of Symphony X. It's a gentle ballad, just voice and piano, then gradually builds toa truly epic metal song. Fantastic musicianship, the guitars and keyboards work beautifully, throughout this magnificent piece, Allen's voice is incredible, showing sensitivity and emotion. Easily their best song (yes, even better than their other epic The Odyssey).

From their new album, a beautiful ballad with a really catchy chorus! It rivals the song "Paradise Lost" in epicness - petrucci75hammet

Symphony X shows how to do it... Whit every single song
But "when all is lost" is crown JeWeLL. Much thanks to russell allen and michael romeo... And the other guys

This song is just perfect.

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4 Set the World on Fire - Paradise Lost

A Mix of heaviness, beauty and power. I love how they mixed progressive, thrash and power metal in one song. Easily their best.

An excellent mix of a variety of genres. Catchy, heavy, and melodic.

"How to Start an Album". By Symphony X. Others should learn from this mastery. Best when paired with the epic intro track, "Oculus Ex Inferni".

5 The Divine Wings of Tragedy - The Divine Wings of Tragedy

This song is truly genius. The six and a half minute instrumental section is one of the most ridiculously progressive things they've ever done, and Russell Allen's vocals are at their peak. It should be in the top 5, at least.

How this long epic is not on the list or simply not even number 1 is beyond my understanding? Well, someone has to bring it up. This song = greatest 20 minutes in music! - metalmaiden

Just... a beauty. What a song! Progressive at times, hard-hitting at others, sometimes both - just amazing!

This one's their Bohemian Rhapsody! One word: EPIC!

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6 The Accolade - The Divine Wings of Tragedy

Just simply amazing. I had the same experience listening to this song as I did when I first listened to metropolis part 1 when I was first getting in to dream theater. Simply amazing.

By far, the best prog rock song of all time. I am a huge fan of symphony x, dream theater, circus maximus, opeth, adagio, and star one. This is one of my favorite prog anthems ever.

I Can't believe this song isn't the first one! It's obviously their best one, one of the most epic prog songs all time!

7 Communion and the Oracle - V: The New Mythology Suite

The melodies in this song are insane

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8 The Edge of Forever - The Damnation Game

Such a beautiful song- from the soft, haunting intro, to the epic chorus, and the amazing guitar solo

9 Sea of Lies - The Divine Wings of Tragedy

A great place to start for the uninformed Symphony X listener! - zrockin

From technical point of view is amazing

10 Without You - Underworld

A great semi-ballad off their upcoming new album, evidence that there has been no drop in quality after a 4-year wait! - petrucci75hammet

I wish I would have written this song! Hands down one of their most beautifully written. Maybe not the most technical, but they're allowed to have some simpler songs in their playbook! - zrockin

A nice ballad (almost) from Underworld. Nice to hear Russel Allen actually sing again after his five year tenure with Adrenaline Mob. - IronSabbathPriest

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11 Through the Looking Glass - Twilight in Olympus

Should be Top 5 Symphomy X song. At least better than the Top 40 Pop Song, "Without You".

Top 5 best song from SX, also the best Alice in Wonderland-themed song ever. Allen sings with such emotion and the musical changes make this an epic SX song.

12 Legend - Underworld

What the heck? Why is this all the way at the bottom? Come on this song is really good! The chorus is amazing!

13 Of Sins and Shadows - The Divine Wings of Tragedy
14 The End of Innocence

Heavy riffs and what a chorus!

15 Charon - Underworld

Very powerful start, great vocals, guitar is amazing(! ).

Love this CD, awesome song here.

16 Revelation (Divus Pennae Ex Tragoedia) - Paradise Lost

The best yet from (almost) the best ever. Only Gamma Ray beat this band for me, and this is SX's greatest song off their greatest album. Yet.

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17 To Hell and Back - Underworld

Lovin' that keyboard solo. - IronSabbathPriest

18 Church of the Machine - Twilight In Olympus

Guitar riffs on this masterpiece, show why Michael Romeo is one of the best! - zrockin

19 Children of a Faceless God - Iconoclast

Amazingly epic heavy song with not ONE but TWO shredding guitar solos from Romeo, really catchy chorus too. One of the best Iconoclast songs for sure! - petrucci75hammet

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20 Inferno (Unleash the Fire) - The Odyssey
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1. The Odyssey - The Odyssey
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1. The Divine Wings of Tragedy - The Divine Wings of Tragedy
2. When All is Lost - Iconoclast
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