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41 Bastards of the Machine - Iconoclast

One of the faster songs from the album, it has a cool, groovy keyboard riff, as well as a good vocals. - petrucci75hammet

Best song from then period! Such a catchy tune and vocals! And the keys give at another boost of awesomeness!

42 Wicked - The Odyssey
43 Out of the Ashes - The Divine Wings of Tragedy

Best song no doubt (H), just because The Divine Wings of Tragedy was launched right after the Liberty Sons (Metal Gear Solid Spin Off) does not mean it is worst than it. The Ashes symbolize the death of Argonian's son by a car accident.

44 Orion - The Hunter - Twilight in Olympus

An underrated song, even for Symphony X's standards.

45 Fallen - V: The New Mythological Suite

Why are there so few songs from The New Mythology Suite up higher on this list?! It's their best album.. This is quite a standout track too, the chorus is mind-blowing

46 Nevermore - Underworld V 1 Comment
47 A Fool's Paradise - V - The New Mythology Suite V 1 Comment
48 Pharaoh - The Divine Wings of Tragedy
49 Underworld - Underworld
50 Swan Song - Underworld

One of the best songs off of Underworld. Simply Amazing!

51 Electric Messiah - Iconoclast

One of the most brutal progressive riffs I have ever heard

52 In the Dragon's Den- Twilight in Olympus
53 Masquerade - Symphony X
54 The Turning - The Odyssey
55 Heretic - Iconoclast
56 The Lords of Chaos - Iconoclast
57 Overture - Underworld
58 Kiss of Fire - Underworld

This is some of the heaviest stuff from Symphony X thus far, and the lyrics are pure genius!

59 In My Darkest Hour - Underworld
60 Run With the Devil - Underworld
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