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21 Shotcaller

Good song... Vote this song...

22 Moving On

I can't wait til your gone away, because then I can move on...

Love this song. Taio's pre-Dynamite stuff is underrated.

23 Still Crying
24 Falling in Love

You missed out a great song man! Its one of the best song of taio cruz ever! Awesome one! Everybody please try!

Good song from the original version of Rokstarr!


25 World In Our Hands

I love this song it's so EPIC AND INTENCE I would like to thank taio cruz for this amzing song

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26 Positive

The only taoi cruz's better songs are dynamite 'n telling the world... This song is so AWESOME! Please vote 4 it

Excellent Song! Just Fallen for the way lyrics are written for this song... This Song needs more boost. A definite top 5 of Taioo

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27 Imma Go
28 Make It Last Forever

This life we livin' is just the beginning! Hell yeah you know there's more to come! Right here, right now this look on your face I don't want it to fade. This song bursts with emotion! It makes me happy

I just love this song so much. Makes me really happy amd it is his most vivid one. Should be number 1

29 Best Girl

Though its not released, it's a good song, just love the lyrics! ♡♡♡♡

30 The 11th Hour
31 Play
32 Do What You Like
33 Don't You Dare

Best ever! Beats are awesome and Taio just rocks in it.. Just listen to it

34 You're Beautiful

Deep meaning song
It thing will be the top 20 so vote for this

35 Only You

Song from the original version of Rokstarr. Back when Taio Cruz had more of an R&B style and less dance.

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