It's a song for all the fans who joins taylor in her enchanted journey in life. Mean is not all about accepting your imperfections but also accepting the bright side of you as an individual. Taylor Swift speaks for all ages in the world and I think that Taylor can actually give us the message through her songs. *please like the comment if you're a taylor swift fan and if you believe that life is never perfect but life is forever enchanted

No words for this song don't y it is low it should be higher up in top ten taylor swift really rocks mean is such awesome lyrics one of my favorite please vote for mean oh my god best song ever heard I go crazy listening at this awesome song everyone listen please taylor swift rocks next time please listen at this song your eyes will open taylor rocks

I agree. I am a big taylor swift fan and mean is just the best. Its also really diverse since most songs nowadays are about love, and, even though I don't have any problem with that, I just find it a really really good song, and I listen to it all the time when I am sad because I have been bullied at school. I just don't get why it's not in the top 3

When I was a kid I got bullied a lot, so in order to protect myself I became mean it worked but I wasn't truly happy because It wasn't really me...

In the past weeks I was starting to be like that again but taylor swift showed me through this song that being mean gets you anywhere

Mean is a song about showing kids not to bully, not to let bullies walk all over you, and showing bullies what they did wrong. I think Taylor Swift has really made songs to show everybody a meaning, not just to make songs and money like other singers. I like this song be cause she is teaching kids and it is a great song. Well, Thanks for reading, If you did...

This helps me when I'm bullied! Yeah I heard it a million times first - _ - so what she means is, when you bully other people it can be lying, hitting ( and punching etc.), or just plain being mean! There was a bully in my class once, and this song just... It helps when a bully next door or at school, even for adults at work! Great song! Thanks tay! :D

It was probably one of the hardest decisions of my life. I love all Taylor Swift songs, and I love her. But I can listen to Mean for a week none-stop and never get bored. I think because it relates to me, it makes me love it even more. LOVE YOU TAYLOR!

I think mean is a beautiful and touching. Her voice shines the most and it is a clear, loud, beautiful, angelic voice. Mean is the best song she has ever wrote and her voice sounds the best compared to the other songs she ever sang. Taylor swift has talent and this song lets her show everyone the talent of her.

What the hell! Who in their right minds would put Mean at number 8? They have to be completely deranged! That song shows all the hard times a young person has to go through! From not being a jock or a princess or just because of a sash colour! This song shows kids to be true to themselves! Right on Taylor!

I love this song I am a student in sixth grade and I get bullied every day of my life and this song has been my favorite inspiring song. I want to thank Taylor for making such an amazing song. It is so inspiring to me. This song is so relaxing to listen to. I love this song. It was so inspiring to me. Thanks.

Mean is about Kanye West. Almost everyone knows that. But not just him. It is her reaching out to girls and boys everywhere, almost like a mother, saying, all they are is mean. Isn't that what we need in this generation?

I think this song is really good. It's a good song to stop bullying. She has a great singing voice. But if there was 1 little flaw... It would would be that once you hear "someday I'll be big enough that you can't hit me. " it kinda gets stuck in your head forever, and it kinda gets a tinsy bit annoying. But other than that its awesome.

There were bullies, one day I thought it was a good idea if they heard thus song so I left it on my phone near them. The next day, the bullies were completely different people. They were so nice!

The music, the lyrics, taylor's voice, are just really really great! This song never failed to light up my spirit when I'm down or feeling sad when people made fun of me. This is a really great song I think this should be number 1, but you belong with me is really good too.

THIS IS LITERALLY THE BEST SONG OF TAYLOR SWIFT! The melody, the voice, the rhythm, the lyrics, everything IS JUST INCREDIBLY PERFECT! It's inspiring and understanding my heart because it relates to my real life and I know it must be relating to others' too. Go listen, and you will love it!

I think this song can motivate teenagers about bullying. This song is so very amazing and really helps to make us get up and have a life with confidence. This song should be one of top songs of Taylor Swift!

I can totally relate to this song... Its optimistic and my best friend sings this to cheer me when nothing can. It's a lovely song which I m sure many teens could relate to. It dwarves to be in the top ten.

This should be at number one. It's a nice break from the usual love songs Taylor Swift puts out. I'm bullied a lot, so I can relate to it, and a lot of other kids can, too. Seriously, I listen to this after I'm bullied and I feel much better. Thanks, Taylor!

This list is terrible! This is like the top three songs she ever wrote. It is just amazing and it has a good rhythm. Of all songs, this is one of the best ever and it should get a higher rate.

How the did this not make it higher?! It's so good! Why is it not on like 5, 4, or 3? It has a wonderful message! HOW THE HECK DOES "I KNEW YOU WERE TROUBLE" OR "WE ARE NEVER EVER GETTING BACK TOGETHER" have more meaning?!?!? I LOVE THE SONG MEAN!

I love all of her songs but this one is my favorite, the lyrics are amazing and it is such a beautiful song. This song helped me when I was victim of bullying, that's why it's my favorite song and her best song of all time.

Something I love about "Mean" is that you can listen to it over and over again, but you cannot get bored of it. Each time I listen to it, I always pick up a lyric that I haven't heard before! Such an incredible song! I hope Taylor Swift writes more songs like this.

This song really catches me because it is all about self love, and being strong despite all of your critics. I've been bullied since day one but it did not bring me down. Thanks for this song, Taylor!

I was just looking for good looking for good Taylor swift song and I literally just downloaded this about 1 minute ago and I absolutely love it! I do/did get bullied and this song really helps

This song makes me cry! There are, I suppose, lots of Taylor's songs that I like better, but this song is so beautiful! You make me wanna shut myself in my room, sing this song and cry. I love you so much Taylor! Why did you have to change?