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101 Diary of Me
102 You Can't Trust a Killer Whale

Hehe it is so funny! I really loved it! It is a funny version of 'Today was a Fairytail" I am listening to it right now! You can't trust a killer whale... I just gotta say! YOu can't trust a killer whale!

The same tune to today was a fairytale. Sadly I found out about this song first so I thought today was a fairytale was a copied of from this song.

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103 One Way Ticket

But this is by Carrie Underwood!

104 Silent Night Silent Night

It's the best break up song that I had ever heard...
what hell has happened to you guys?
it should be definitely in top 5...

105 Christmas Must Be Something More Christmas Must Be Something More

This is the best Taylor Swift Christmas song ever! It's so beautyfull. I sang this song last Christmas at my brother's Christmas party and everybody says: What a wonderful song with great lyrics and good voice (I'm not praising myself). In my heart, I hope they'll say: What a wonderful Christmas song sings and written by Taylor Swift!

Come on guys, you know music. You know what is GOOD music. Then why isn't this song in the top #1?

It shares some beautiful wishes and love and respect of Taylor for her God :Jesus Christ...she assum

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106 Nevermind V 1 Comment
107 Highway Don't Care Highway Don't Care

High Way Don't Care is a good ballad song by Taylor Swift and Tim McGraw. You should listen to it Swifties! Then vote for it!

- Louie Jay Doronio (Swifty)

What?! I LOVE THIS SONG! It even won Taylor a Grammy's when she was taking a break, trying to transforming from country to pop!

This is my face song the first time I listened to to this song I news it by the end

Seriously 0%? That makes me really upset

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108 American Girl
109 I Want You Back I Want You Back

Wonderful! Taylor swift is ace at singing!

This is a cover of Jackson 5

I don't want you back! BOOO

Wasn't this written by chere lorde? it is a good song either way

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110 Your Anything

Her best single ever of course next to I'd lie, permanent marker, today was a fairy tale and crazier... I this song!

111 American Boy
112 Drops of Jupiter Drops of Jupiter

Every one should listen to this song, this song is from the speak now world tour live 2011, it is the best song ever that might blow your mind

Wow... It was the best song ever sang by taylor swift compare to train. This song was from the speak now world live tour.

Train doesn't compare to Taylor swifts version just so amazing!

113 Christmases When You Were Mine Christmases When You Were Mine

Why Christmas when you were mine is top 93 this song is
Really beautiful

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114 What Do You Say
115 Writing Songs About You
116 Thirteen Blocks (Can't Call It Love)
117 Angelina
118 This Is Really Happening

I really love this song.

119 7 Years and 50 Days

This song is hauntingly beautiful

120 Your Face

A beautifully written song by Taylor at a young age which details her angst of not being able to remember a crushes face as time goes by. Quite mature for her age and one of the many songs that won her a record deal.

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