The Story of Us


It was tough to choose between this, Haunted, and Sparks Fly. It ties with Sparks Fly in sound, but I relate to this one more. Sparks Fly used to be my song word for word, but now Haunted takes it's place. Haunted sounds great, too, but this one might sound a tiny bit better. Still, all in all, I like 'em about even

Amazing lyrics and the beat is so catchy. Most people here are judging about lyrics and what it's about but for me I look more into the beats and this song is number one for me. Looking at it lyrics wise, it's still amazing. Please vote for this song! It needs to be at least in the top fifteen!

I relate to this song so much! I love it and never get bored of it, I literally have a story and this song reminds me of it where one minute it's going so great and then the next it's not, and my favourite quote is 'you held your pride like you should've held me' which is completely true

It's just amazing how many people can relate to this song. This is a wonderful song. Taylor swift is the best songwriter for heartfelt song lyrics that are just not about her but about all her fans because people really relate to her songs.

The lyrics "Now I'm standing alone in a crowded room" or "I've never heard silence quite this loud" and many others, make this song the best she has. Along, with the sick guitar riffs and the beats of the drums.

Ok this song is amazing. It is by far one of my favorites by her. This song just took her music to a new level! If she continues to write songs like this she will continue to be an amazing woman.

I love this song so much! When I first heard this song, it got stuck in my head the whole day... You can definitely understand it's meaning through the lyrics. Taylor Swift, you go girl!

The Story of Us is a great song because it really shows Taylor's ability to write amazing, thoughtful lyrics, and it has a very catchy rock beat.

Totally epic! It rocks and should be number 1! Everyone who LOVES Taylor Swift, VOTE NOW! Listen this ultra-cool song now!

Speak now album my favorite:
1. The story of us
2. Speak now
3. Long live
4. Ours
5. Mine
6. Sparks fly
7. Back to december
8. Mean
9. Enchanted
10. Better than revenge

Come on. This should be at least in the top 10. My favorite song of Taylor Swift, of course!

This song is seriously underrated. Deserves to be more appreciated, so catchy and awesome, and oh so Taylor!

Great rhythm... Makes me want to dance along... Fell in love when I first heard it... It deserves to be in the top 10 Just listen to it and vote!

The beat is so incredible! Fell in love with it on the first listen. Nobody else could pull this song off as well as she does

Can't believe this song is so low on the list! In my opinion it's her best song to date, and the video is great as well.

Great song... So much better then spot number 23. Its such an up beat song which really gets your dancing shoes going

This should be lower on the list! This song is amazing! I mean WOW, I always wanted to sing like that

I love every single Taylor Swift song EVER!
But, to be honest, I feel like I can relate to this one most. I love the power behind her voice in this and the way this song makes me happy even when I feel like the world around me is crashing down...

I always use this for video star!

Maybe the reason this isn't is because it's too perfect

Best song ever of Taylor Swift, no other Taylor Swift's song compares to this

I love this song so much I always end up jumping around and rocking out

What a rhythm and lyrics! "now I m standing alone in a crowded room... " wow!

This song HAS TO BE HIGHER! Is like 1 of the greatest Taylor songs!

# This song should be at least Number 2 or 3. I guess world goes mad :/