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61 Flash

This nikka goes hard

62 Sickology 101

His verse gave me the chills. Insanely talented rapper

Damn... nothing more to say about it

It should be in the top ten

Until I searched out this list this was the only tech song I had. Tech, Crooked Eye and Chino XL absolutely SLAY on this track! Shocked It's not higher.

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63 Mitchell Bade


64 Happy Ending
65 T9X

This was one of first tech songs. And it's set off from his usual style but he still chops it up. Definitely the first one I could sing all the way to.

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66 Colorado

Catchy as hell, B.O. B makes the best hooks, and nothing beats tech rapping about weed.

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67 Sound of Unity (Ft. Yas)
68 Hard

This song got me into Tech! The beats sick

His best song by far!

Great song!

69 Loud

YEAH I BANG MY MUSIC LOUD! One of the best tracks on The Gates Mixed Plate, easily the third or fourth best.

I bang my speakers loud when Tech starts playing and you can bet my neighbors be telling me to turn down.

I love this song this song has serious beat and I turn my bass up for this song

This song needs to be higher in the list

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70 One Good Time

This may not be his best but it's definitely top 10. So deep

71 Love Me Tomorrow

Just a chill song

I don't know why but this song touched me
It is so beautiful and it talks about how Tech is changing over time,becoming more mainstream and people are not accepting him for doing it
I can relate to it so much
This is such a beautiful song and I always listen to it every night before bed
So underrated that it belongs in the top 10

72 Sut Mig
73 Delusional

How is this not at least 10 the beat the flow the hook whats not perfect about this?! Beats hard

First one I heard by him. Very suprised that isn't one of his top song!

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74 Psycho Bitch III

Best on special effects. Needs to be top 5

Best track off Special Effects (WWC2 is overrated just because Eminem is on it).

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75 Technicians

How is this not high in the list this truely surprised me

Est is 1985 in KC on the bus ride from the 56th side...easily one of the best tracks on All 6s and 7s.

76 My World

An absolutely amazing tech n9ne song. WHY IS IT AT THE BOTTOM?

77 Alone

Just heard this song for the first time. 'For all of us that don't feel like we fit in and always feel alone.

78 The Rain

This and a few other songs are the only songs that other people have really liked that I played of his

This song is so deep and personal to tech n9ne the flow is amazing and the transition from verse to verse is seemless

79 Everybody Move


80 Can't Shake It
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