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41 The CW

Why CW is not at the top of the rank? This station has the best shows. This station definitely is all about what viewers are looking for. Example: totally free exciting shows, on-line latest episode without restrictions, viewers' opinion ("CW seed"), does not require turning on cookie (cookie to "track your activities").

They have the best shows Supernatural, One Tree Hill and Smallville people jeez...

Guys cw contains awesome shows (favourite show is supernatural) and it is awesome. it doesn't deserve 44!

Center is the best

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42 Syfy

How was this channel not even up there? It is now! Sci Fi Rocks! - Freak_Show1

43 ESPN 2

ESPN2 should b higher than BBC and Dave I've never even heard of Dave what is it

44 BBC Two

Former home of The Apprentice and Great British Bake Off

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45 Travel Channel
46 Axs Channel
47 Star Movies
48 GMA (Philippines)

They always claim that they are number one but it's not true. In terms of entertainment and shows they are boring and many of their movies, concerts are flops.

The most no quality and boring station in the Philippines. Bad taste on their teledrama and even its news reporting.

Maybe GMA excel in terms of their documentaries but they won't excel in terms of entertainment. Their teleseryes are often inspired in the popular teleseryes of ABS-CBN. They're assuming and they always claim that they are the number 1 network in the country even though that's not true. They often involved in some controversies like manipulating ratings together with agb-nielsen and offering cash and groceries to the houses with agb meters just to watch their shows. They only gained high ratings during pacquiao fights only.

Manipulation of ratings also goes to ABS CBN. They have Kantar on their side.

They are good. Atska bkit ganun maka comment and taga ABias-CBN na viewers. Gnyan ba tinuturo ng mga plabas ng network na yan.. and maging insecure sa 7.. Guys common

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50 VH1

Vh1 should be in top 2 what's this? It's on 40?

51 CTV CTV V 1 Comment
52 Logo TV
53 STAR Cricket

Best channel for cricket

54 IFC - Independent Film Channel

Anyone who likes Comedy Bang Bang, Portlandia, Maron, or even The Three Stooges will like IFC.

55 [Adult Swim]

The Parents Television Council wants this channel off Cartoon Network. - playstationfan66

Because Toonami is the only lace I can find anime! - EliHbk

I know this channel may be offensive but it hilarious and has hilarious shows like robot chicken, American dad, the boondooks, the Cleveland show and family guy

This is better than fox! - Fireboy

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56 TNT

Star Wars and basketball is all they show and all you need.

57 Spike TV

Great network of ten unique channels comprising specific, genre related programmes. Gold, Alibi, Eden, Home, Dave, Yesterday, Good Food, Watch, Drama and Really.

I love these especially Good Food, I loved watching it when I was 6

59 G4

GAMERS UNITE! One of the best channels for your gaming and tech needs. If only it was on more providers, you would love it.

60 CBBC CBBC CBBC is a BBC children's television strand aimed at children aged from 6 to 12. BBC programming aimed at under six year old children is broadcast on the CBeebies channel. V 1 Comment
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