Best Thrice Albums

A subjective opinion of the best albums by the band Thrice.

The Top Ten

1 Vheissu

Damn. So good. I love it more than anything. Gimme this to listen to every day ever. Greatest thrice album without a doubt.

This album began the endless experimentation thrice is known for, and without any doubt is their best album.

2 The Illusion of Safety

It doesn't flow as well as the other albums, but it's still got a rip and roar to be reckoned with.

3 The Artist In the Ambulance

The best of their hardcore days, this is where they came in their niche.

4 The Alchemy Index Vol III: Air
5 The Alchemy Index Vol II: Water
6 The Alchemy Index Vol IV: Earth
7 Major / Minor

Their latest album is amazing and brilliant, but isn't the best... Yet. Let it grow.

8 Identity Crisis
9 The Alchemy Index Vol I: Fire

Water and fire are in such opposition, it's an incredible listen to hear the differences.

10 Beggars

Although not quite as highly conceptual as other thrice albums, it's too raw and powerful to be ignored.

The Contenders

11 To Be Everywhere is to Be Nowhere
12 If We Could Only See Us Now
13 Live at the House of Blues
14 Palms
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