Top Ten Tokio Hotel Songs

Four kids from a small town in eastern Germany have turned themselves into one of the country's biggest selling acts. Tokio Hotel have sold over six million albums.

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21 On the Edge
22 Sacred


My dearest cousin had cancer before she die she sang it to me and we started to cry and sing it together... She died 1 hour later.. Now every time I hear this song.. It reminds me that day...

Awesomeness... anyway dude before me, its sacred, what are you talking about? Listen to the song. not scared, what? Its sacred, this song is so sacred.

Such a beautiful song! It has so much meaning in the lyrics, and Bill's voice is so heart-breakingly raw and emotional here. I wish I could hear them perform this live! One of my top TH songs, for sure.

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23 Scream

Just amazing, just listen to the song and you will realize it

scream is far by their best ever song - chantella

24 Heilig

I'm dying for our immortality

25 Attention

I just love this song, it's romantic, catchy and amazing, I think that if everyone listen to this song they will start to like Tokio Hotel

This song is amazing the lyrics and bill voice is so pure and powerful it's the best song of tokio hotel for me

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26 Dogs Unleashed / Hunde
27 Love Who Loves You Back

Great song great lyrics it should be in top ten the lines a perfect storm return to all you can got all back love who loves you back are amazing

This is a true song... Its full of emotion for having a lover for being a lover for being in love.. Because life is too short to not to fall in love

By far their best song. Truly amazing sensual and erotic ambiance. I just fell in love and can't stop listening it. - OhIfOnly

Turn me on, turn me on, love who loves you back

28 That Day

"That day never came
That day never comes."
Deserves to be in the Top 10!
Amazing song! ♥

29 Noise

"There are days when you feel so small... " BUT THEN YOU LISTEN TO THIS SONG!

30 Ich Bin Nicht Ich
31 Strange

" You want me to change, but all I feel is strange. " One of my most favorite songs ever, I listen to it all the time! It's sad but really amazing. This should be in the top ten, or even top five.

32 Run, Run, Run

This is the best song of them in my opinion. It's amazing. Really. I like Monsoon but this is my favorite ever. You have to listen to this song. I'm addicted. This is really beautiful. This should be second or third in the list.

It's a very good song and everyone should listen this song I also like lyrics of this song

Certainly second or third.. That can"t be 36.

33 Reden

I really love this song, is one of the Best Tokio Hotel Songs I've ever listened... It really rocks!

34 Der Letzte Tag
35 In Your Shadow I Can Shine

Just an amazing song, It's all about bill's feeling about his life.

Best melody ever. Got goosebumps first time I heard this. The lyrics is amazong!

36 Rette Mich
37 Frei Im Freien Fall
38 Beichte

I love it! Text is amaizing and I can't stop singing it!

39 Girl Got a Gun

I think this is the best KOS song!

40 Final Day
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