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1 Far Away

We've done it guys. We've done it. We've done the impossible. WE FOUND A GOOD TYGA SONG.

In all seriousness, this is actually really great. The acoustic guitar carrying the song has a lot of emotional weight behind it, with the percussion giving it quite a bit of power. But the lyrics are what make this song so great. Even not by Tyga standards this is emotionally compact. Tyga interweaves the story of how he wishes to make up to a lover that has gone away. His voice actually sounds sincere for once, and the hook is definitely the centerpiece of all the emotion. 5/5. Good job, Tyga. - WonkeyDude98

Come on guys! This song means a lot! Should be in the top 3 - codyisland

A good Tyga song is like a good thing Mao Zedong did - 445956

Good tune

2 Don't Hate the Playa
3 Faded

There's a list?

Tyga is worse than Rae Sremmurd! (my least favorite band and previous least favorite rapper) - AlphaQ

4 Bang Out
5 Switch Lanes
6 Young Kobe
7 Rack City

The fact that this list exists... - WonkeyDude98

Where is the "no" item? - Swellow

When everyone is mad there's a list. - ProPanda

There's a list? - AlphaQ

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8 Cali Love
9 Storm
10 Molly

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11 Careless World V 1 Comment
12 Glitta
13 Snapbacks Back
14 Potty Mouth
15 Get Rich V 1 Comment
16 Make It Nasty
17 Senile
18 Black and Yellow
19 Well Done 2
20 Make It Work
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