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1 Far Away

We've done it guys. We've done it. We've done the impossible. WE FOUND A GOOD TYGA SONG.

In all seriousness, this is actually really great. The acoustic guitar carrying the song has a lot of emotional weight behind it, with the percussion giving it quite a bit of power. But the lyrics are what make this song so great. Even not by Tyga standards this is emotionally compact. Tyga interweaves the story of how he wishes to make up to a lover that has gone away. His voice actually sounds sincere for once, and the hook is definitely the centerpiece of all the emotion. 5/5. Good job, Tyga. - WonkeyDude98

Come on guys! This song means a lot! Should be in the top 3 - codyisland

A good Tyga song is like a good thing Mao Zedong did - 445956

I can’t believe a good Tyga song exists. - AliciaMae

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2 Don't Hate the Playa
3 Faded

There's a list?

Tyga is worse than Rae Sremmurd! (my least favorite band and previous least favorite rapper) - AlphaQ

4 Switch Lanes

hel yeh

5 Bang Out
6 Rack City

The fact that this list exists... - WonkeyDude98

Where is the "no" item? - Swellow

When everyone is mad there's a list. - ProPanda

Best Song to be Gucci!

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7 Young Kobe
8 Storm
9 Cali Love
10 Careless World

Song Tyga is the best rapper ever

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11 Molly
12 Glitta
13 Snapbacks Back
14 Potty Mouth
15 Get Rich


16 Make It Nasty
17 Senile
18 Black and Yellow
19 Make It Work

Fire song production and lyrics

20 Well Done 2
21 Taste

Should be first

22 Muthaf***** Up

Love it, #1 fosho

23 Hookah

Featuring Young Thug, a Weedacian rapper who speaks Weed language - venomouskillingmachine

24 Let It Show

Song brings a positive message to your mind when you listen and gives one of the best vibes

25 Still Got It

This song actually applies to my life.

26 Dad's Letter

Easily, one of his best songs!

İts so deep

27 Dope

Should be in the top tens because Rick Ross kills it

28 For the Road
29 Down for a Min

Man It's the best song when you're High and wanna come down, really workin'.

30 For the Fame
31 Kings & Queens
32 I'm Different
33 Swimming Pools

Kendrick's version is better but this is still pretty good - venomouskillingmachine

I love this song how was it so low!

34 Ride Out

Tyga Raps for about 17 Seconds in his verse without breathing. He doesn't rap about Bitches or getting Drunk.

35 Gucci Snakes

Without a doubt the best song of Tyga...GUYS I DID *throws party* WOOHOO! Overall this is the first and ONLY Tyga I managed to get over a negative rating. Sure the lyrics suck, but the flow, the flow is just dope. Desiigner saves the song, but Tyga did a pretty good job too for his standards (meh). He doesn't sound bored at all and is actually putting in some effort I'd give this a WEAK 2/5. I know it's far from a prefect score but yea...this is the best he can do. - AlphaQ

36 Lil Homie
37 Love Game

This song is underrated, it deserves good spot

38 Tyga Tyga
39 Heaven or Hell
40 Reminded
41 Heisman Pt. 2
42 Bitch Betta Have My Money
43 Deuces
44 I'm Done
45 Ayye Bitch
46 BedRock
47 Ayo

Not only the best song by tyga but also Chris Browns best song

48 The Motto
49 I'm Gone
50 Black Crowns
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1. Rack City
2. Faded
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