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Venom is a Thrash Metal/Speed Metal/Black Metal band raised from the New Wave of British Heavy Metal (NWOBHM) movement and are one of the pioneers of the Black Metal genre. Their album 'Black Metal' is considered as one of the biggest foundational influences on the Black Metal genre.

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1 Welcome to Hell Welcome to Hell

When I first time heard this song I was scared! The screaming is so evil that it will make you shiver whenever you listen to it... All songs in this list are undoubtedly awesome but this one out-stands its counterparts.

What a composition, what an epic sound! OBVIOUSLY this song deserves the first spot... Black Metal should be second by the way.

2 In League with Satan In League with Satan

Evil... In league with satan. One of the best venom songs

Just imagine cruising down the road with this on a motorcycle nut said


3 Witching Hour Witching Hour

Underrated song, one of the best on this album, best one from Venom by the way

This is the most amazing and epic satanic song I have ever heard. The lyrics about Satan and sabbath are so nice to ear this is a masterpiece of Metal and music

One of the great early thrash songs and a staple of the genre.

HELL'S BREAKING LOOSE! The best venom song, and while other songs were good, they were nothing compared to this. - MorbidCannibalSlayer

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4 At War with Satan At War with Satan

Fantastic song, It's 20 minutes but never feels like it ever drags. It's also very atmospheric and has some amazing riffs. I highly recommend it.

5 Buried Alive Buried Alive


Hey underrated song. Awesome masterpiece by venom. Its coldness, lyrics love it.

Always loved it. All albulm of black metal and welcome to hell rule but my favorites are 7 gates to hell and red light fever. Check it out.

6 Raise the Dead Raise the Dead
7 Don't Burn the Witch Don't Burn the Witch

killer riff, possibly one of the best Venom have ever written.

One of the best riffs of all time

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8 Countless Bathory Countless Bathory

Best song by Venom! Based on the tale of evil Hungarian countess Bathory.

9 Nightmare Nightmare

I think this is the best Venom song.

Best song for ever... m//

10 Bloodlust Bloodlust

One that put standard of energy to any rulebooks since, this is venom.

The Newcomers

? Burn in Hell
? Black Metal Black Metal

The song which had coined the term 'BLACK METAL' in late 80's!
What a composition! Amazing vocals, guitars and absolutely crazy drumming!
Venom for the win.

Amazing song, truly evil, amazing drumming, evil lyrics and shredding guitars. Defiantly Cronos, Mantas and Abbadon's greatest.

How is this song not number 1 people? "Lay down your soul to the gods rock and roll! " enough said!

For Me The Best Venom song, from the album Metal Black m/

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11 Leviathan Leviathan
12 Straight to Hell
13 Angel Dust Angel Dust
14 Live Like An Angel Live Like An Angel

This should be on top COME ON!
whoever see this and doesn't know what this is song is go to listen immediately.

15 Poison Poison
16 Too Loud for the Crowd Too Loud for the Crowd
17 Teacher's Pet Teacher's Pet

One of Venoms more light hearted songs. It's still good though and shows off one of Venoms best guitar solos.

18 Genocide Genocide
19 One Thousand Days in Sodom One Thousand Days in Sodom V 1 Comment
20 Red Light Fever Red Light Fever

The most romantic song I've ever heard in my life, joking laugh out loud.

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1. Black Metal
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1. Countless Bathory
2. Black Metal
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1. Welcome to Hell
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