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KAITO is a humanoid persona voiced by a singing synthesizer application developed by Yamaha Corporation using their new Vocaloid singing synthesizer technology under the codename of "Taro".


Kaito shion by far has a wonderful voice, and he's cute to x3 For all you hetalia fans, he looks like he's related to russia! And if you think his voice is strange, it isn't. Some lovely examples would be The disappearance of katio, canterella, and ponponpon lenxKAITOxgakupo. And besides, who wouldn't want that scarf of his? He is better then len in many ways, but any lenXkaito song sounds amazing! Try it out. I'm sure he can beat the kagamines and even miku! And definitely gumi.

His voice and the tones he uses shows his emotions as clearly as any normal person. As well as this many see him in a bad way but if you truly look at his character and such it is obvious he is a nice guy that is caught in someone else's twisted mind in some of his songs. Honestly I love how he looks and how he sings which makes be believe that if he was a real person that he would definitely be one I would date.

I think Kaito is just too adorable... His voice makes me smile, his positivity is heartwarming, and I love how he shows true feelings and makes the most touching songs about them. Also, who could hate an ice-cream loving maniac? Vote Kaito, the crazy, cute, not to mention BEST VOCALOID OUT THERE!

I agreed with everyone who going for Kaito. Most of his song are extremely amazing and you guys have to admit, his voice is damn masculine and sexy! To me, he one of those who doesn't sing to high and doesn't sing to low... He is my favorite of all and no offense to the Len fans, but Kaito is much better!

To me, Kaito is highly underrated. I mean, he's the first Vocaloid to actually sound like a man, and even then he has a large vocal range, from incredibly low, thundering tones to incredibly high pitches. I love the songs that include him and in terms of English covers, he has some of the only ones worth listening to.

Kaito is AWESOME! I'm in love with his voice. He's voice is deep, and very relaxing. I also love his two personalities. Most of the time, he is happy, funny and kind. But he also has a more darker and sadder personality. He's just amazing, and he absolutely deserves a place in the Top 10!


I love Kaito. He actually has a pretty clear voice and a wide vocal range. Miku gets a lot of attention. I'm not saying she's bad I'm saying that there are other vocaloids out there that deserve just as much attention. - VocaloidFan1119

Kaito's most famous character is his love for ice cream and being a caring, kind elder brother in a family! And he is damn handsome and his voice is so beautiful & pretty flexible!

Kaito forever! He's awesome. And anyone who says Len is better doesn't understand his awesomeness.

Yikes, almost all of the other Vocaloids have extremely high-pitched voices, but this guy's not as bad, for a voice synthesizer. Well, KAITO can sing like a normal person, with a significantly deeper and memorable voice. Let's vote for KAITO!

I'll probably never know why Kaito was considered a failure when he first came out, but right now, he has received an update which has improved his vocals. I love Kaito's design and his obsession with ice cream.

Kaito is the best! His voice is really realistic, and his voice matches his image. Its not too low or too high. I think Kaito is better than Miku because he shows more emotion in his voice. Kaito is awesome!

I love Kaito! His voice is so beautiful! He also sounds very realistic! I love how he sings cantarella, crescent moon, and rolling girl. He also sounds amazing with miku. Their duets are amazing!

I also love miku, len, neru, and luka but kaito is my number 1.

His voice is dead sexy and is the most realistic of all the Vocaloids. It always pleases me whenever I hear him sing. He's my favorite Vocaloid forever! ICE CREAM for the win

KAITO (I put it all caps because it's how your supposed to type it) is the best vocaloid I have ever seen and it's just so sad to see KAITO have only 2 songs. Kaito can get to number one and we can do it. I KNOW WE CAN!

(and if anyone will ask me who I ship with KAITO don't judge me but I ship him with Miku...so yeah...) KAITO for the win!

His voice is a real treasure, it's so soft, yet... The only way to describe it would be incredible. He shines oh so brightly among all the Vocaloids, his voice compliments other's when he does collabs. Of course, he is wonderful as a stand-alone too. His more or less fan cannon personality is so adorable, and his design appears to be simple, yet it singles him out.

His voice is so cute yet mature at the same time. In every single one of his lyrics you could feel the emotion and suspense. Don't forget his scarf fits his personality and looks. You just have to love him!

Kaito to me is just a fun-loving, idiotic but loving friend or older brother figure. I like his songs and his voice is amazingly realistic but I don't like how people ship him with Miku. Kaito was literally MADE for Meiko. Kaito loves ice-cream because ice cream is cool and sweet and cool and sweet is the characteristics of a tsundere and Meiko is a tsundere THEREFORE KAITO LOVES ICE CREAM BECAUSE IT REMINDS HIM OF MEIKO! Everything makes sense now, right! Kaito loves Meiko. They are meant to be!

I love his voice. His design. He has a pretty realistic voice, but it is robotic in a lot of songs. He's voice also matches with his design and he can be handsome, cute, creepy, sassy and a pervert ;) so...Go KAITO!

Kaito's voice is so sexy and he's my favorite Vocaloid of all time. I think he needs to be noticed more than just being seen as a total fool half the time.

Kaito is a lot better than others vocaloids, And I think he's perfect to Meiko, they were made to sing together at the time of vocaloid1 so I guess they good close together!

Kaito voice is very beautiful and warm. If cryptone could make his voice easier to tune to, then there will be more producer that used him. And don't make his voice related to anyone. Just, make his voice to be his. It will show his true potential if you don't make his voice related to any other vocaloid. That's my opinion.

Kaito is the best. If he were to perform like Hatsune Miku I would faint. Lets all hope that kaito will some day perform on stage. Kaito forever!

By far the best Vocaloid. If KAITO isn't number 1 then why isn't he? He has a strong yet gentle voice and sings the best songs. Also I think he's the most versatile when it comes to duets. VOTE KAITO!