Miku Hatsune

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Miku Hatsune is a female Vocaloid created by Crypton Future Media. She is the most popular Vocaloid of all time. She is voiced by Saki Fujita.


To be honest, all of the VOCALOIDS have quite amazing voices, all of them have different aspects that make them talented singers. All VOCALOIDS have good and bad songs. But I like Hatsune Miku the most. She's basically the icon of VOCALOID, when you mention VOCALOID you think of Hatsune Miku. She has done many commercials regarding Toyota and has done a Google Chrome commercial in Japan. She has also made many cameos in anime. Not Rin, Len, or Luka. But Miku. This is my opinion on her, why she is so popular and lovable. I also think many people can relate to Miku. Not because she's a computer but because her personality is that of a princess who wants everything. As depicted in her hit song by Supercell 'World is Mine', Hatsune Miku wants the world to be hers, to be spoiled and to have the man she loves, love her back. We can relate to this because we've all had the time in our lives where we are spoiled and we want material possessions. We can relate to Miku. Hatsune Miku was the ...more

I know you all will get mad at me for this big old hater comment, but here it goes:

I do NOT like Hatsune Miku. I voted Rin instead because I personally think she's the best. It's everyone's opinion, and my opinion is that I don't like Miku. My favorite Vocaloid song is: Ok, Green is the Enemy. It's a Miku hater song, yeah, that's not the only reason I like it though. I think the duet of Rin and Neru is very nice. Miku's hair is BLUE not green anyway... So whoever made Miku is probably color blind. And I do NOT like Miku's voice. It drives me crazy, it's so tacky and annoying and it gets stuck in your head. Since's she's so popular everyone loves her. I do have to admit one thing about her, she does have very good songs. They don't deserve to go to her though. Some examples are, Rolling Girl, Melt, 15 Year Pursuing a Cute Boy, etc. Hatsune Miku really thinks the world is hers, doesn't she? She's super annoying and World Is Mine is the WORST SONG. It has such an annoying tune ...more

I believe Miku is the best and all those people who say 'oh I don't know why everyone chooses Miku' or 'why does everyone choose Miku? ' well let me just say something to people who say that, I bet people only say such things because they don't know her FULL potential actually I think no one does, she has so many different types of songs how could you not like her? She sings something everyone is bound to like! And I admit, Luka has a very nice voice but Luka's voice is mainly kinda low pitched. Miku can master highest of the high to low and even a realistic human sound and everything in between. All of her appends make her voice amazing! I agree she has a heavenly voice. Other than her voice, she's beautiful! I've seen many Miku models and they look great, but she looks adorable just in her normal clothes. And its not just her voice that has a wide range of changes, Miku isn't only cute but she can be cool, lovely, sweet, chic, and sexy. And in quite some videos she dies, I think ...more

For all you saying she's just a piece of software, well that's half true, all things already have a sole or are given one. Also she brings the next generation of music for us younger audiences we're creating our future for us all you older peeps can and should do is help support are positions. Music is what the world revolves around it shows who we are and you can't take that away from all us; Lady Gaga, Lil Wayne, Iron Maiden, Back Street Boys, etc. They all won't live forever, only in CDs, in which their soles are forever replaying. But Hatsune Miku can forever be entertaining our ears, moreover hearts with her music, because the world is ever chaining and that means so will her music and so eventually the band behind Miku that makes her songs and lyrics will eventually, not be here, but this generation and more to come will take care of her. I end my response. FOREVER MIKU

I know some people think Miku is getting too much attention. However, they fail to realize that since she is the mascot of Vocaloids, she will be the most popular. To state a fact, she is much more popular over at Japan than most other countries. Thus, we do not need to compare over which Vocaloid is the best, we know they are all popular and well-received, so why start a fan war over Vocaloids, when all of them are in one big group? I am a fan of Miku, but I personally think ALL the other Vocaloids have awesome songs too, and I won't mind listening to them. To all Kagamine fans : I know how you feel, but it doesn't have to be that way, all the Vocaloids are popular, having Miku as the most popular won't make the Kagamine fanbase smaller. Come on, the Kagamines are already at the TOP THREE Vocaloids, nearly always being featured beside Miku at concerts and merchandise.

I really love Hatsune Miku, her songs always helped me get back on my feet, like her song Odds and Ends, Len and Rin are awesome too, I wish that people would not compare them to Miku and talk bad about her, that's not nice, we all have our favorite vocaloids, shouldn't we just accept that? It doesn't mean that if we dislike a vocaloid then we should troll them, like how I dislike Meiko, the FIRST Japanese vocaloid! So please don't troll Miku, or any other vocaloid, they are all amazing, you just have to vote for your favourite vocaloid, not troll some one else's favorite vocaloid. My vote is still for Hatsune Miku!

I really love Miku's voice. Most people hate her because they say she is overrated and too much popular, but that's because her voice is loved my many so she's popular and the rates went higher and higher and she got overrated I think that show's how awesome she is. Some people are all like why do people even like Miku. But in my opinion, what's their problem, we like Miku, not like we are hating on you. Anyways, I love Miku and her Appends are awesome. Second favorite is Rin.

Of course Miku will win. She is very attractive and charming the way she acts on stage. She's sparkling every time she's at her spotlight. Suddenly all audience will set their eyes on her. She is a "Pro" in making a concert together with her colleagues. Miku is the best and the most beautiful Vocaloid character I've ever encounter! Vote, keep calm and love Miku Hatsune!

Hatsune miku! I don't care if shes not real but her voice touch my heart I really think she will win because shes popular in japan I chose her because shes cute, beautiful, awesome, simple, elegant and shes my real idol and I listen to all her music everyday it makes my day complete and all her song are awesome and cute I'm not lying :( so please don't make her lose :( if you really love japan please vote Hatsune Miku!

Because she is very cute and she doesn't have an over reacting voice unlike rin. Rin has a very over reacting voice and is the worst character I've ever know. She is very thin like the body of matchsticks. Miku is perfect she is the world wide diva/queen for singing a lot of songs I don't really look at their style I look for the voice because it is the base topic

I vote for Miku! I just love her, the Kagamine twins are awesome too, but, please, if anyone is reading this, don't troll or vent your anger out on Miku or any other vocaloid, they are simply our opinions about our fave vocaloid, don't troll, and don't troll me,about my opinion, or me being a Hatsune Miku vocaloid fan, then that's just being weak, I'm not criticizing you people! I am merely just saying, that you must be nice, and for those who don't criticize, its not directed at you. I do hope Miku wins though, she is awesome and stunning in my opinion!

Miku Will win this She's the first in the character vocal series and she has the best voice of all the vocaloids although I also like Rin/Len and luka but whatever almost all the songs in my Mp3 player is Miku's She's the best and her Append sounds good (to me I dunno about other people)

Miku is my favorite among the entire vocaloid family, because she's fantastic, unique and lovely. I chose her as my favorite cause she is great as well as her voice, her style, her personality and especially her gorgeous and sweet voice.

You can't not like Hatsune. She's the #1 and the most successful vocaloid by far. She's accomplished more than any other vocaloid has. Although I love the Kagamines, Gumi and Haku I Hatsune still tops my charts! HATSUNE FOREVER AND EVER AND EVER! - WillaRoW

It baffles me why Miku isn't farther ahead; she's internationally recognized as the world's premier digital diva. While every Vocaloid has their strengths and weaknesses, Miku's adorable avatar, beautifully youthful voice, and cute sassy proto-personality developed by fans make her the undisputed best.

Miku Hatsune is the most amazing Vocaloid! She sings perfectly! She can reach any pitch she wants to, and it still sounds amazing. She is such a cute diva! She sounds wonderful singing. (Especially with Len Kagamine) I will be shocked if she doesn't win

Please stop complaining that "(vocaloid) is better than Miku". Don't you all remember that Miku was the reason Vocaloids grew? She's a savior to all Vocaloids, including KAITO, she saved KAITO from being thrown away, she made the company grew because of her wide vocals, all Vocaloids are equal actually, just yes I pick Miku because she's brought me to the world or Vocaloid and musics

Miku you are the best your song is like heaven to my ears even though all my friend hate it but I will still like it they say miku is bad I don't care whatever they say miku will always be my favourite she show us how is the technology I wish I can see the concert and meet her for real

Miku is a classic, original vocaloid who inspired people to create memes for her and the fan art and support are so inspiring! She really should be Number One like she is now. Hopefully she could create more songs right now, because everything's so dead nowadays. If she still continued more songs I would be so glad, because it looks like after the Disappearance of Hatsune Miku came out and she had her live show, it seems like nothing more is new. She is the original and the first ever member of the Character Vocal Series.

I think Miku has such a soft and calm voice, but I personally think that all Vocaloids should get a chance to perform there in a group.
I would love to hear the main Vocaloids like Miku, Luka, Kagamine Twins, Kaito, Meiko and maybe Gumi and Gakupo.
They all can sing so good, and the most important reason why vocaloid is so perfect, is that all the songs have a meaning, that writers of songs want to share with them, who probably know that feel.
It�'s a chance for people who can�'t sing very well or don�'t want to perform at stage.

So please vote up for ALL Vocaloids!

Thank your for taking your time reading this

She is the first voice of the future, the herald with an angelic voice that can span the full range of human emotions with her songs. The others are great too, but Miku was the one to lead the way and in my opinion still has the best voice of the lot.

Hatsune miku is the best, I honestly don't understand why anyone would disagree with this. She can reach both super high and super low notes, her songs are always really good and full of meaning and doesn't everyone want to raid her wardrobe? She can also pull of any type of song from cute to emotional and all her songs are awesome. Miku totally deserves to be top!

Gotta love Miku. She is the best along with Rin. I ship them so hard. Miku is adorable, she can hit high and low notes pretty well, and she sounds good in duets with almost if not all the the other vocaloids. Plus' she has songs in Japanese AND English. Something a lot of vocaloids don't have.

She is absolutely my favorite! She is the best Vocaloid in my opinion. Even if people think that she has an annoying voice and is too much, to be honest I didn't just choose her for the style. I really love her voice/songs more than every vocaloids and also her character. Even if she has like an annoying/high voice for other people, she could have a lower voice(pretty sure >_<) and is also amazing. Please don't hate on Hatsune Miku, she is amazing and the best (Please don't hate).

Miku is really my favorite. No one will really change that but I do listen to other Vocaloids as well and find them amazing. I just like Miku's voice more even though some people say its weird, too high and annoying.

It is NOT! For me anyway. Miku's songs have touched my heart and it inspired me in writing. Her songs also helped me in so many ways. - samputen