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41 Merli

She needs more original songs because she has a great voice and design.

She's voice is so beautiful. Why she hasn't more attention?

Her design is so... I have no words. And her voice really great too. I wish she gets v4!

I like Merli!

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42 Tohoku Zunko Tohoku Zunko Tohoku Zunko is a character created for Voiceroid and was later also developed for the Vocaloid 3 engine.

Although I like Gumi the best Zunko is one of my favourite Vocaloids from her voice down to her design!

Zunko have a so sweet voice, and her design is pretty cool!

I love her design, it's so cute! Her voice is adorable too!

I'm just wondering why She's all the way down here! Has anybody heard her song "Creative"? Tokoku Zunko is my second favorite VOCALOID! (She's behind Kaai Yuki) she's amazing and her art is also VERY unique! =)

43 Rana

Rana is great because her design is really cute, but she doesn't always have the typical loli voice you would expect and I find it really nice. She has a sweet but still kinda mature voice with certain tuning and is just overall nice to listen to. It's a shame more people don't know about her...

Rana is better than Miku. I don't care if people say that they sound the same. Even if though they sound kinda similar, Rana sounds sassier! Which is just adorable when you see her design!

Rana is personally on my top 5 list! She is so cute!

Rana has a cute, tomboyish voice. Super cute!

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44 Kiyoteru Hiyama

He's a teacher, for elementary students, he's hot and his voice is amazing in the song Under The Darkness, and Jewelfish. Listen to him!

People should at least try and listen to one of his songs. People always says he sound like kaito but it is not that true, since I always notice something about his voice that I like that you can't hear in Kaito' s. Don't get me wrong, I like kaito too and has his particularitis as well! Kiyoteru is my favorite vocaloid is all!

Kaito is overrated, kyoteru for the win

He is Vy2 and Kaito mixed together XDD HE IS LIKE A DEEP VOICED BABY - Britmiche

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45 Kagamine Len Kagamine Len Kagamine Len is a Japanese male Vocaloid2 developed by Crypton Future Media and voiced by Shimoda Asami. He was originally released along with Kagamine Rin on December 27, 2007 as Kagamine Rin/Len (CV02), but had the updates of Kagamine Rin/Len (CV02) Act 2 (on July 18, 2008), Kagamine Rin/Len Append more.

His songs with Rin just make them sound so CUTE

He is super cute

Him and Rin are the best pairing!


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46 Tako Luka
47 UNI

She's not out yet but she has a good voice bank - Discord1


YES! SONiKA has to be the best English Vocaloid by far! Yeah, she looks a bit like GUMI, but you know what? That's okay, because her voice is so different from any other Vocaloid! Her best song, in my opinion, is Aisenma. It's a great example of how she can be robotic, and sound emotional and human at the same time! She needs WAY more love!

SONiKA is the best English Vocaloid, and her character design is awesome. I think she's underrated, unlike some characters like Miku who are a little overrated.

SONiKA is the best I lover and her song she's my favorite VOCALOID!

Sonika is the best English VOCALOID! My favorite song by her is Biohazard by Crusher-P. After that song u will fall in love with her voice.

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Avanna is by far the best English Vocaloid. Especially for softer songs.

She is beautiful. Just like Lola, Miriam, Sonika, and Prima. Tonio and Leon are awesome as well.

English Vocaloids like AVANNA needs respect. I am glad that she is ranked in #28.

AVANNA is a Vocaloid with and incredible ability to show emotion. She just sounds so... Human... A great example of this is her cover of Titanium. In the chorus, she sounds nearly exactly like a real person. Engloids are far too underrated. OLIVER is really the only one that gets any sort of attention, and even then it's mostly in fan art. Up the Engloids!

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50 Mew Mew

Mew's voice is miu sakamoto. She is ryuichi sakamoto's darter. Her voice is wonderful!

Mew may not be your typical cute anime Vocaloid, but her voice is amazing. It's mature and powerful. She can also sound extremely realistic when used right. Really, the voice is what matters, and I think hers is amazing.

Her voice is amazing! I love her design and sketch! I also love her songs! Her pictures are good looking too..., her voice is human like! I like that!

They finally got the right picture - Discord1

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Her design was the first thing to grab my attention, but she has an amazing voice as well. Most people don't give the Spanish vocaloids enough credit, but she can sing in so many other languages too. One of my favorite uses is GHOST's "The Things I Deserve" which shows Maika's English and she sounds great! Yeah! Yay Maika!

One word : Awesome!

Why The hell is she 40th?

Maika has an amazing voicebank!
She may be a spanish vocaloid but her songs in English and Japanese are beautiful as well!

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52 ARSloid V 2 Comments
53 Ring Suzune

Ring Suzune has an amazing voice, yes I agree that she would've been better if she kept her original design, but she is doing her best. Her songs are amazing and she is as talented as the other vocaloids.

Why is she here? She was never released... Also, why is Hibiki Lui higher than Vflower? He was never released either... It makes no sense... Ugh...

54 Kokone

Her voice sounds realistic yet cute and calm. Her falsetto notes sounds magical. She has the best cover of "-ERROR".

New Release, Vocaloid heard the demo song, you'll gonna love it

I like her voice very much and her songs are so cool too.

Her voice in Kuusou Mesorogiwi -Alty Mix- was gorgeous...People need to appreciate her more,She beats Miku anyway.

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55 Chika

Not many people know about her, but her design is cute and her voice is unique. I suggest you look up her "Chaos Theory" song.

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56 Flower

I love flower so so so much, she deserves 4th in my opinion.

Her voice is so different, and so is her design. She's just so amazingly special in every way. You can't listen to a vflower and wonder who's singing it if you've listened to her before.

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57 Stardust

Stardust has an amazing voice. She is a beauty and a magician. What more could you wish for?

Adorable. Absolutely adorable.

58 Prima

I absolutely ADORE Prima's voice. Her versions of Lilium and Once Upon A December are worth a listen. She deserves way more love!

Well there are only two opera singing vocaloids out there. Prima is the better one.

She is VERY realistic sounding! Prima needs more love! Her Japanese is beautiful! I mean better than most Englishloid's Japanese!

Prima has a great voice, she clearly needs more love ^. ^ Unfortunately, she is so hard to use...

59 Tonio

Sexy voice, what else do you want?

WOW talk about sexy

60 Hachune Miku V 2 Comments
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