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61 Rana

Rana is great because her design is really cute, but she doesn't always have the typical loli voice you would expect and I find it really nice. She has a sweet but still kinda mature voice with certain tuning and is just overall nice to listen to. It's a shame more people don't know about her...

Rana is better than Miku. I don't care if people say that they sound the same. Even if though they sound kinda similar, Rana sounds sassier! Which is just adorable when you see her design!

Rana is personally on my top 5 list! She is so cute!

Rana has a cute, tomboyish voice. Super cute!

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62 Jubyphonic

What who put this JubyPhonic does English covers or Vocaloid songs and Kagerou Project. Amazing singer but not a vocaloid sorry

She is one of the greatest vocaloids that was ever created

Jubyphonic is the best vocaloid ever!

Why she is such a VOCALOID she is a real person!

I was being sarcastic.

JubyPhonic is an amazing Youtaite though. - felispasta

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63 Kradness V 1 Comment
64 Zhanyin Lorra

Zhanyin Lorra is a canceled vocaloid...

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65 Sakine Meiko

She is so cute I love her almost as much as Rani. Meiko is cool and her voice is deep I always wondered why she wasn't in the top 3

67 Bruno

The world needs more Spanish VOCALOIDs and a mature type and he is both, half of these voices on the list are UTAU who don't deserve to even be on a 'Top Ten VOCALOID' list

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69 Kanon

She is really pretty. I love her model, and so for Anon.

SHE IS AMAZING. Her voice, when used properly, is awesome. You could recognize her voice like you would recognize Len's voice
She is probably the only vocaloid that sounds in ALL OF HER SONGS/COVERS.

Kanon is a versatile and well-rounded female vocalist in which I greatly admire. She can sound soft or bold, loud or quiet, high or low...and she still sounds great. She's a fun Vocaloid with a lovable concept design and musical talent. I believe when used correctly, Kanon sounds simply amazing. An example of spectacular usage of her would be the utaite Hyurno's work. Hyurno is very skilled at flaunting Kanon's talent and I couldn't respect their work more. Kanon for the win!

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70 Yuezheng Ling
71 Momone Momo Momone Momo

Such a sweet voice! She's not my favorite (that's Len), but she's still cool!

First Neru, Haku and Teto, and now this. Please people, save Momo for a top Utauloid list!

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72 ALYS ALYS V 2 Comments
73 96Neko V 4 Comments
74 Mafumafu

He pulls of things like The world's lifespan and the last day on earth pretty well. He also does a wide range of songs with Soraru.

Not a Vocaloid...
Seriously, why are so many UTAUs, utaites, and dub people here? And the unreleased Vocaloids! Does anyone actually pay attention to the latest news, or did I miss a rumor?

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75 Tako Luka
76 Dex
77 Daina

Shes amazing!

78 Ona
79 Kobayashi Matcha
80 Weatherloid
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