Just Be Friends


I have to say, "Just Be Friends" is not the best sounding Vocaloid song, but it still is one of my favorites. Most of the time, it is not the singing or the music that makes a Vocaloid song so wonderful; it's the content and story behind it. "Just be Friends" is a story about breaking up with the one person that you have loved. It is such a bitter-sweet story and many people can relate to it. I recommend this song. It has a nice, catchy tune and phrases that you might be singing for days (I know I did). So, even if Luka is not your favorite Vocaloid, still listen to "Just be Friends", it's fantastic.

Miku this, Miku that... What the hell is wrong with people? All the Vocaloids need a chance. Just Be Friends has over 6million views and is my favorite Vocaloid song. World is Mine is just a stupid auto tuned chipmunk song about a snob who claims "the world is hers". How is that entertaining? All there is to the song is a high pitched "AHH! " That sounds like helium had a stroke. Just Be Friends is auto tuned as well. All Vocaloid songs are. But even though Just Be Friends doesn't sound perfect, it still sounds better than any of that Miku crap. In fact, it actually has lyrics that touch people's hearts. Please, think about that.

I'm completely agree with you especially your opinion about miku and about world is mine of course but you should see world is mine Len's version or meiko's version it's really good - SakuraYumi24

World is Mine isn't a terrible song but not a good one either. Just be friends is way better. People even try to make Miku sing this song but let's be honest Miku fails at this song, Luka is the only one that can sing this song right. I wish Luka were more popular. It makes me cry that Miku is most popular when she doesn't even deserve it. Other Vocaloids have better qualities, pitches, and just voices overall. Plus this song is so catchy.

I wish more people would give Luka a chance. She sings amazing in this song! It's a mixture of techno music and relationships. It's the perfect song. I love the lyrics (though I can't really understand them all), and the beat! Definitely one of a kind. Luka's voice truly sounds amazing in this, her English is absolutely amazing. Please vote for this song and Luka!

I love this song! It's something many people can relate to and Luka's voice is absolutely amazing in it. The fact that it's from the guy's point of view makes it even more interesting. The beat of the song is extremely addicting as well. I didn't even have to hesitate to vote for this one!

I love this song so much cause it has really cool instruments. And just because miku is the most popular doesn't mean she's the best. I actually really like this song. It might be my favorite song in the whole world because of all the cool tunes in it. It also is sung by my favorite vocaloid EVER.

It's the prettiest one okay have you even seen how many different versions there are? The only one I think is better would be maybe its sequel, because that was about a happy ending to a break up and there aren't enough songs about that.

Just Be Friends was one of the first Vocaloid songs I ever heard and was instantly a favorite which I would listen to hours on end. Over the past few years since I have constantly gone back to listening to it unlike others I have listened to. This is one of my most loved songs.

Honestly, Megurine Luka is amazing, the way how she sang it is just so soothing and sweet. And the song do carry important lessons in every lyrics. I like it very much so please help me vote for it.. You're gonna like it once you heard and understand it...

This was my first vocaloid song and I'm so glad it was because luka is so amazing in this song, and it is different from other break up songs which are usually slow or really sad, but luka makes it electronic and cool and both happy and sad which is why I love it so much

This is the best song ever I can't believe it's so low! 48, 153 likes say so! Besides no other vocaloid song can top this one because any version of this song is awesome. It actually touches your heart and is super cool! This is the best song, please vote so luka can get more love!

A break up song seems kinda cliche at first but Just Be Friends is great because it isn't one sided and doesn't use annoying idioms. You can feel more emotions by listening to it than just "you used to be great".

Luka has the best voice of all the vocaloids. She doesn't sound like a chipmunk choking on butter (unlike SOME 16 year old girls), and her voice is very mature and natural. I love this song, too. It's one of my personal favorites.

Luka is the best and my favorite vocaloid and she is so beautiful and this song is my favorite. It is really catchy and pretty but I don't know why it's not higher I mean it's super great and it has a nice story! Go luka! =)

This is a beautiful song with loads of emotion, especially in the piano version. Wether it's luka or gakupo singing it, this song has the power to bring tears to the eyes of the listener.

Yay, go Luka! Luka is my favorite Vocaloid, and this is my favorite Vocaloid song. She couldn't have sang it any better. No Vocaloid song can top what this song can do. I even like it better than World is Mine! All of the songs on the list are great, but Just be Friends tops them all! It has a great beat, great lyrics, and Luka has a great voice! Great job, Luka!

One of my favourite vocaloid songs! The tune is catchy and cute and the lyrics are sad because it's about a boyfriend who misses his girlfriend );

This song makes me incredibly emotional. Luke sings it perfectly and the tune is lovely. I honestly can't get it it out of my head sometimes. The beautiful artwork for it is just a bonus!

In my humble opinion the best song by Luka, and one of the best of all vocaloid songs. It's the song of a couple breakup, yet there is sense of affection and hope. So good and touching song

I admit, the first vocaloid I liked was miku but after paying more attention to some other vocaloids especially luka, Just be Friends shot straight to the top of my list and not hard to see why. I'm also happy to see the song going to the top. when I first came to the list a few months ago, JBF was no.8. then a month ago, it was no.5 and now no.4.

All songs are pale in comparison to this one. Especially Luka's voice, it's just perfect in so many ways. Aside from it's meaningful lyrics, it's just nice, soothing, & fun to listen to!

Just be Friends! All we gotta do, just be friends! It's time to say goodbye, just be friends! All we gotta do, just be friends, just be friends, just be friends! Lol, what's it even about?

It has such an upbeat tune and its more relatable than any other song. I feel like such a loser when I say I've already listened to it on loop over and over again!

Just be friends is the song that have a very deep meaning and luka sounded perfect singing it. The music is very nice too, I think this is the best song ever!

I love it is so sad yet happy they want to be more then friends but they can't I just love it when I first saw it I actually cried.