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181 Rampaging Lolitaholic - Gumi

This song is funny, upbeat and catchy! If you haven't yet, please give it a listen!

An amazing song, definitely my favorite!

182 The Fox's Wedding

Good song

Why is this on 218? I think it's a good traditional song (Enka is my favorite genre to be honest) It can be a bit creepy but it has a good beat! Why is everyone (OK not everyone) are voiting Servant of Evil or something else... Just because it's popular and sung by Rin and Len? But I like others too like ODDS&ENDS and News 39. You should try it if you want. It's a masterpiece from masa.

183 You're a Useless Child - Hatsune Miku

Best songs. Before seeing translation, I thought its happy song, but instead its sad. The girl in the song actually trying to hide her sadness to everyone.

184 In Chains

This is my favorite song along with Tell Your World. I love In Chains because in some parts, the syllables are sung separately. I just love that kind of style. Tell Your World is an awesome song too. It even won the Japanese iTunes chart. They are my favorites and of course my favorite Vocaloid is Miku. Who else could it be? Miku is the best!

185 Circus Monster

The quirky circus-sounding parts contrast wonderfully with the moody lyrics and beautiful chords. Definitely one of Luka's best English songs.

My friend can play this on piano. I don't think I've ever fully heard the singing part, but the bit she plays on piano is constantly getting stuck in my head.

Actually this song is really good but this song is a newcomer. I suggested to you to hear this song, it's so beautiful

155?! Are you kidding me?!

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186 Corrupted Flower

I just love this song. It has a beautiful story behind it and a nice tune to it.

187 Fairy-taled (Meiko)

Anything by Meiko sucks. Her voice sounds horrible. The song is good, but the voice is bad.


Maiko > meiko

188 Dragon Rising - Gumi and Kagamine Len

One of my most favourite 1980's hip-hop / techno like songs. It is a very good combination, never thought that gumi and Len would make a good duet, this song proves it.

This is an absolutely amazing song. So underrated. The beat, meaning, illustrations... perfect. Those looking for a powerful, uplifting song - here you go.

189 Remained Sword - Yuzuki Yukari & Aoki Lapis

Please listen to this... They are so gorgeous. Their voices meld together so beautifully and naturally...

190 World Calling - IA

World Calling is one of IA's best song please vote for this!

191 Clepsydra - Hatsune Miku
192 GLIDE - Lily
193 ERROR - Lily

LOVE THIS SONG! Lily's amazing in this song! And the Yuzuki Yukari cover is amazing too!

Why is this at the bottom? Its one of the best songs I had listened to!

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194 Nekomimi Switch - Hatsune Miku
195 RIP=RELEASE - Megurine Luka

Friend is obsessed with song. Got me obsessed with song. End of story.

My favorite Vocaloid song! I can't believe it's this far back on the list...

Luka's best song. No more discussion needed.

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196 Insensible Coherence Complete Control Device - Hatsune Miku

Quiero saber ke mensaje trae esta cancion, que significa en espaƱol

197 Lie - Megurine Luka

This song must be top 50 and WHY THIS SONG SUNK TO 200th?

198 Alice in Musicland
199 When First Love Ends - Hatsune Miku

Why this song isn't on top 100 this song was really beautiful, try to listen it

200 Lost Time Memory - IA V 1 Comment
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