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181 Acute

Where is this song? Although this makes me mad at Luka, the song is beautiful and tells a story, even if they're just dancing!

This song is so epic and meaningful... It's so full of emotion. When I first heard Acute, I fell in love with it.

Amazing song. should be higher!

Another dark song that is amazingly beautiful. I love it but forget Kaito, Luka x Miku for life jk but still

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182 Childish War

This is a song about two rich siblings who are constantly fighting with one another, and it's so cute and catchy!

It is awesome and has a funky beat! Also Rin's voice is so cool!

This is 515 and I am disappoint.

When I first heard this I FELL IN LOVE.(same thing goes with Matryoshka but this song is noice.) When I didn't know about this song, I was, well, really NEVER a REAL VOCALOID Fan. I even once found myself listening to it for an HOUR. Go ahead, lock me in a room with nothing to do (but please put in food + water :3) and play this song OVER AND OVER 24/7 and I'd be the happiest person on Earth. You might get sick of my singing, though... O//O Either way, I think this song should be #1. ^3^

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183 Indulging Idol Syndrome - mayu Feat. Gumi

YES! This is my favorite vocaloid song ever! Justin Beiber, take notes.

This song is my favourite song of all time! WHY THE HELL IS IT THIS LOW!

Yes yes yes thank you person who added this song I love it...
And if you don't vote for it...
"I won't forgive you, after all, I'm an idol! (Laughs)"

184 Jekyll and Hyde (Ia and Miku)

I'm wondering why everyone says it's cute :/ I think it's kinda dark but I love it. I think it's cool how she has to kill her man to be with a woman (the dark part, yeah) so that they can become "one." (Wink wink, nudge nudge)

This song is beautiful and very catchy.

I absolutely love this song! It's gorgeous and has a cute meaning to the lyrics too!

Why doesn't this song have more votes?

This song has such an interesting meaning to it, I have read "The Strange case of Dr Jekyll." Before so I got the reference towards it... but NO ONE VOTED FOR IT?!?!

Is it because no one checked through all the songs and just looked at the first page e.e...

I guess I'm a hipster *shrugs* but this song is so catchy, the visuals are great, I like the meaning behind it!

Sigh... oh well, can't do anything about it... huh

185 Tokio Funka - Gumi

GUMI's voice in this one get's me pumped up to battle some mother****ers like a true samurai, plus the yokai in the video and the mix of modern and old Japan make it great. Plus, even though I love Len I must say Gumi, my girl is the BEST!

186 Reincarnation - Gumi & Kagamine Rin

It's my power song, and the main point of one of my favorite series

187 Rampaging Lolitaholic - Gumi

This song is funny, upbeat and catchy! If you haven't yet, please give it a listen!

An amazing song, definitely my favorite!

188 Ghost Rule V 1 Comment
189 In Chains

This is my favorite song along with Tell Your World. I love In Chains because in some parts, the syllables are sung separately. I just love that kind of style. Tell Your World is an awesome song too. It even won the Japanese iTunes chart. They are my favorites and of course my favorite Vocaloid is Miku. Who else could it be? Miku is the best!

190 Albino

This song is AMAZING

191 Corrupted Flower

I just love this song. It has a beautiful story behind it and a nice tune to it.

192 Fairy-taled (Meiko)

Anything by Meiko sucks. Her voice sounds horrible. The song is good, but the voice is bad.


Maiko > meiko

193 Dragon Rising - Gumi and Kagamine Len

One of my most favourite 1980's hip-hop / techno like songs. It is a very good combination, never thought that gumi and Len would make a good duet, this song proves it.

This is an absolutely amazing song. So underrated. The beat, meaning, illustrations... perfect. Those looking for a powerful, uplifting song - here you go.

194 Remained Sword - Yuzuki Yukari & Aoki Lapis

Please listen to this... They are so gorgeous. Their voices meld together so beautifully and naturally...

195 World Calling - IA

World Calling is one of IA's best song please vote for this!

196 Clepsydra - Hatsune Miku
197 GLIDE - Lily
198 ERROR - Lily

LOVE THIS SONG! Lily's amazing in this song! And the Yuzuki Yukari cover is amazing too!

Why is this at the bottom? Its one of the best songs I had listened to!

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199 Nekomimi Switch - Hatsune Miku
200 RIP=RELEASE - Megurine Luka

Friend is obsessed with song. Got me obsessed with song. End of story.

My favorite Vocaloid song! I can't believe it's this far back on the list...

Luka's best song. No more discussion needed.

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