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121 The Spider and the Kitsune - Like Lion

Here is my theory of the song.

Gumi is kidnapped by Hatsune, and she injures her until she has gone fully insane. Hatsune regrets trying to kill her, but Gumi has gone so crazy that she forces Hatsune to have a taste of her own medicine. Accompanied by only her screams and blood running down her cheeks, Hatsune gives in, only to force Gumi to eat one of her own kind.

This is a good one if you're into creepy vocaloid songs

Horrifying lyrics and video but great song - felispasta

I love this song.

It's creepy and disturbing, but also catchy...

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122 Proof of Life

Sad song, I cry every time I listen to it.

123 Monochrome No Kiss

BLACK BUTLER! I love this song so much! It is so amazing, and has a great tempo, and beat! I could listen to it FOREVER! But I'm 88% sure that this isn't a vocaloid song.,.?

But this isn't vocaloid

Amazing intro, fast, swirling beat that pulls listeners in, SID had great vocals and a riveting instrumental. Highly recommended.

Is there a Vocaloid cover of this song from Black Butler?

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124 Twilight Homicide Song

"Twilight Homocide Song" tells a dark and ironic story with the company of a beautiful, traditional Japanese instrumental and Meiko's flawless voice. This is, without doubt, my favorite song by Meiko.

Meiko has a boyfriend who she loves, only for him to cheat on her with another girl


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125 Calalini - Kaai Yuki

Kasi Yuki's voice may sound a bit fuzzy, but her words are still easy to understand. The lyrics is sad and inspiring and many vocaloids have already done dozens of covers for this song. The song was dedicated to a girl with schizophrenia. Luckily, the girl is doing fine nowadays and is in good condition.

530? But why? This was made for such a brave little girl and needs more recognition!

It's not very good. It may be meaningful but the lyrics are lazy. Don't get mad

126 Cantarella - Kaito and Meiko

Umm, KAITO obviously belongs with Gakupo

You are all wrong! Kaito belongs with Len!

Don't SHIP. Kaito belongs with Hatsune.

127 Hirari Hirari

How can you not love this song? This song has depth and beautiful vocals

128 Melancholic

This is a very relatable song, and extremely catchy! It may have a sad title, but it is so upbeat and it has an amazing PV. The first time one falls in love, it really can be mistaken for Melancholy.

Wait what? This cute song must be on top!

129 Toosenbo
130 Millennium of Wiegenlied V 1 Comment
131 Merrie Melodies Daffy's Lagacy
132 1/6

I like extremely the feeling of two persons' strong consideration of this song, and the place which does not express it in words directly!
She does "an attitude without anything. "
However, he thinks "she sinks in a black swamp. "
It becomes impossible and for him to leave her.
Subsequent words are full of the feeling of the strong consideration hidden in his inside.
Possibly such feeling expressions may be one peculiar to Japanese people.
The feeling of anyhow strong, strong consideration is felt!

Totally beautiful and moving song, it should be rated higher.

I like this music!
I like the pure place of his feeling very!
The words "a hard thing and a sad thing are all also 1/6" are impressed!

So beautiful song with emotional lyrics

133 Fire Flower


134 Blessed Messiah and the Tower of Ai
135 Poker Face

Great Gumi song. This is one of the more needed attention of Gumi users with mixing.

136 Echo - Gumi

To me, this song needs more attention! I mean it's Gumi! This is my favorite Vocaloid song!

One of the best newer songs from vocaloid I've ever heard

I am obsessed with this song. Awesome beat

It's amazing!

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137 Lost Destination

This is one of the most beautiful and amazing songs I've ever heard. I love the original song using Len's VB, but the version with Len Append and Kaito Append just blew my mind. The bridge, where you hear their Whisper is so beautiful and emotional sounding, and the rest of the song is so powerful. All this backed up by the fact that Len sounds amazing, and so does Kaito... And that they sound amazing as a duet... I think this is truly the most amazing Vocaloid song. I hope they'll have it live one day, whether Len's version, or Len and Kaito's version. Either would be amazing. ;u;

The Len and Kaito version is amazing and they both sound so realistic it makes the song just that much better, not forgetting about the story of course, which is beautiful.

Why is this so low? Sounds great, maybe hard to cover, but amazing song.

One of the best Len Kagamine songs to be honest

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138 Chain

I think this is an Awesome song, singed by rin. I've been listening too vocaloid for a while now and I like a lot of songs and this is one of them that I personally like the most. I won't claim that this is the best song as we got different taste of music, but I think it's a cool song.

139 Cloud Rider - IA

This is such a powerful, gorgeous song. IA is simply amazing.

140 Luvoratorrrrry!

I love it though but seriously the lyrics..

Lyrics are kind of icky, but it's so catchy!

I have fallen deeply for this song! It's sooo catchy and even if I listened to it like everyday, the song don't get bored in anyway! (Sorry for my English lol)

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