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141 Gigantic O.T.N.

Why is this not up higher!? This song is so catchy and fun to listen to. Makes me want to dance and jump up and down

I'm ashamed but I hum this during class I cAN'T HELP IT It's SO CATCHY

You kidding? This should be at number 1! - CielKitty

I cannot comprehend how good this song is! It might be perverted, but it is the catchiest, most exciting (and I just mean the tune...) song in vocaloid history. You are SERIOUSLY MISSING OUT IF YOU HAVEN'T LISTENED TO THIS~

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142 World Domination - How To

I hate how underrated this song is. It's deep and catchy, with a good sound to it. Please let it get more love on this list.

This song is great, need I say more?

Lol I'm listening to it right now

I love this song! Yuki and Kiyoteru are really great just like Rin and Len. I can't seem to decide which one is my favorite one X3. Mafumafu and Amatsuki are great too but I rather go for Yuki and Kiyoteru or Rin and Len. I love the way it sounds and how they have to become kind before their hearts goes numb. It just so Beutiful

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143 Suki Daisuki

This isn't even in the top 10? T. T

I think Suki Daisuki is one of the best Vocaloid songs ever created. First, it has a really cute PV. Second, the music and beat is really good too! Third, the singer is amazing :)

I think all of us will be able to relate to the song. Rin is struggling to tell Len how much she likes him, but she's too shy... In the end she does! Too bad, we don't know what happens next, but I'm sure it's a great ending.

This is a super cute song with a message anyone can relate to! The use of Rin's voice is great, and the cuteness of it is perfect. The PV is adorable too! I listen to this all the time, especially while drawing. It's uplifting and great to listen to while doing something- chores, cleaning, homework, etc. It makes anything more enjoyable!

Love this song so much! It's beautiful, and so accurate it almost hurts.

It is so cute and adorable! Please! Come on it should be higher!

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144 StargazeR

A strong song with also a strong music video or PV... The lyrics are good as well.

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145 Adolescence

Adolescence is amazing. It's one of my all-time favourite Rin & Len songs.

This song is truly special in its own way

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146 Last Song
147 Leia (Megurine Luka)

This song is so beautiful. The video captures you, and honestly, it has such a deep meaning. The song is about an artist who falls in love with his own painting, and eventually kills himself because he cannot be with her. It's creepy in a strange way, and so so awesome.

I love this song! Honestly, it's the song that made me fall in love with Luka! When Luka performs it you can see the emotion in her face! Her eyes specially. I don't see why this isn't in the top 10 of the list.

Beautiful, underrated song.

This is the best song in the world... It's so beautiful, yet dark. I reccomand this song, it's sad that it's in this rating.

148 Wave - Lily

This song is amazing! Why is it so low? It's like my tenth favorite song (Imitation Black is my first)! Please tell me why it's so low on this list!

Well, lily's version is not very good, but the song is amazing. I love all the covers of this song especially Gumi's cover

This song is amazing! It was my favorite for a long time. Too Iroha Nekomura's version is great!

It is amazing!

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149 Witch Hunt

This song is so meaningful me, and I don't even know why. maybe it's because it shows a more lovable side to witches and shows that maybe a lot of people were misjudged and killed for something that they didn't even do.

I love this song it is one of the best vocaloids I have ever heard

I love this one. It's sad, but catchy.

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150 Mr. Music

This song might not be my first vocaloid song, but it is definitely on top 10 on my vocaloid playlist.

This song is great I love it! I can't stop listening to it to be honest it's so great

Ah, Mr Music. Rerulili (and the other producers who helped make the song), you did a good job. I love how the vocaloids are dressed in (especially Yuki Kaai's). And Yuki's engrish is cute :3

151 Dear You

Dear you by kaito must be one of my favorite vocaloid songs of all times! It's so sad but still so amazing!

This isn't even Vocaloid. There's just a really popular Vocaloid cover.

It isn't VOCALOID but a good song. I love the Kaito singing. - felispasta

It's actually not Vocaloid. It's a very famous song from Higurashi No Naku Koro Ni - VeronikaHolm

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152 Euthanasia - Hatsune Miku

I didn't expect much from this song. But I listened to it up to the chorus, and I'm telling you, it's worth it.

153 My Earnest Unrequited Love, the Small Happiness I Want to Bear Fruit - Mayu

I love this song so much! It's hilarious! I love the yandere personality shown in the song and the many unexpected turns it took! It's great!

154 Unhappy Refrain

I opened the website, thinking: "I'm sure I'll find Unhappy Refrain in the top 5/10! " and it wasn't there. I hoped for the first 50 items, but then I saw it wasn't even in the first page. So I had to look in Page 2. And I found out it's #159. But it should really be in top 10. It's catchy and sounds good, and has wonderful and meaningful lyrics too. And it's sung by the awesome Miku. Do you want more?

This song is so catchy and beautiful and really meaningful too! It should totally be number one on here or at least in the top ten or top five list.

This song is amazing and deserving of a spot in the top ten.

Really fast and really catchy

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155 Seasonal Feathers

Why is this not even in the top 500? This song has pushed me to the brink of tears before. The tale is beautifully tragic, capturing the sorrow the couple felt and the love the woman held for her husband, deciding to sacrifice her own feathers to try and save him. It was chock-full of emotion that had me teary-eyed towards the end. The artwork for the video I saw under the name of "Feathers Across the Seasons" was terrific and very soothing to the eye, the style also giving off a sort of vintage vibe. Seriously, this song will make you cry Niagara Falls.

It deserves to be in the Top 10! In mean, I love Vocaloid, but all those songs above 500 I don't even heard of... This song is just so sad and beautiful at the same time! When I want to cry, I don't watch sad movies, I'm listening to this song. If you like Rin or Len or both, listen to it. I didn't cried like I did for a song before.! Spoiler alert! Both of them die.

Rin and Len complement each other so well in this song, it's definitely worth listening to. Especially since this is based on a Japanese folktale, which just makes the song and story that much better.

This will always be my favourite vocaloid song

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156 Suki Kirai - Rin and Len

This song is so much better than most if not all the top ten songs on this list!

157 Self-Inflicted Achromatic

An extremely emotional song saying things like "I wish I lived in a world where no one would care if I died, so it wouldn't hurt as much and make my meaningless life less important" or "why must you care so much about me? " The chorus is extremely high, which sends shudders down one's spine. Really, a lovely and sad song.

Damn, this song is hauntingly beautiful.

I LOVE this song. I mean you should listen to the Hetaloid Romano version of it. It's way better and not as high. The lyrics are emotional and relatable sometimes and Romano singing it makes it 10 times sadder.

Please, higher... It is getting annoying that those kind of songs are not higher...

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158 Insanity - Seeu x Gakupo V 1 Comment
159 Snowman

I love the melody of this song. Also Kaito's voice and Len's voice work perfectly together. But Kaito's voice really can surprise us.

Kaito sounds great with this beat

This melody is really beautiful. I don't like Len's singing in it and tried to find a Kaito only cover though ^ - felispasta

160 Karma - Kagamine Rin

The feelings inside the song are relatable, as I hope on karma everyday.

Nooo! If I knew this was on the list I would e totally voted for it! It has my favorite artist in it! Eyeris/Creep-P :-(

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