Rolling Girl


This song is an amazing one, weaving together a poignant yet realistic story of a depressed girl being bullied by her fellow classmates. I personally think that this hits close to home, seeing how when I was younger people used to talk behind my back or insult me directly in my face, and the lyrics are all-too familiar and capture the girl's emotions very well. I was also impressed with the video's concept and found it smart that the creator(s) incorporated what I assume is a personification of her depression, which pinpoints just how much it affects her life and gets to her as if it were not just a psychological state of mind / disorder. The beat and music is also memorable and it will be stuck in your head for the whole day!

Oops, I voted for Senbonzakura before seeing this. Oh well. I'll probably vote for Rolling Girl next time.

Wasn't this higher on the list? It should be higher on this list. It's powerful, it's strong, it's full of life and sound, and it's telling a story that is pretty relatable for many.

What that story is can be left for interpretation, which allows more freedom to figure out what it is for you. I personally think it's about an average girl with serious depression/self-doubt issues and feels misunderstood. She tries so hard to be "better" and "understood" that she hurts herself in the process. And then it leads to what seems to be a happier end, which is just as sad in its own way as basically any other part of this song. Definitely a song to listen to, whether you want to be moved or not. (If you don't want feels or anything like that, just don't look up a translation? Just listen to this masterpiece! )

I love this song so much! I remember when my friend showed me this song and I recognized it because I listen to those 1 hour playlists of Hatsune Miku and other vocaloids. Then I started to listen to it over and over again because I needed to remember how this amazing song went. Then I looked up the lyrics online and I felt so emotional. The video and song didn't feel emotional to me until I looked at the lyrics. Now every time I listen to Rolling Girl, I feel so emotional. This song deserves a much higher place as it is an extremely emotional and thought provoking song.

No song this brutal should be this fun to listen to. Its' fast pace and powerful instrumentation push you down the hill and gets you moving faster and faster, while the lyrics building to a breaking point that isn't definitive in how we're supposed to take. Add in Miku's vocals delivering a strange balance of fun and tragedy, and what you have here is a great song that both evokes and challenges some of the most common issues people deal with today. Yeah, this song is just that good.

This song means a lot to me. This beautiful and bittersweet song helped me through a very rough time in my life. This song expresses how I felt at the time. To me this is the most passionate, heart wrenching, and chaotic vocaloid song. This song's very existence made my life more worth living for, because if I weren't alive I would have never heard it.

I LOVE this song! This song talks about a girls who wanted to do suicide because she was the odd one out, but was saved in the end! I could totally relate with that because I had a friend who was like tat, but wasn't saved like Miku...

This song is amazing! It is the story of a girl struggling through her depression and bullying. She gets hurt but she keeps rolling, until her depression overcomes her, and she dies. This song is heavy and the instrumental along with the lyrics are beautifully crafted.

Why is this at the bottom? This song is REALLY DEEP and the first riffs of piano made me go like "I'm going to try playing that on the piano" (Four months later I was like "okay finally I'm done) and it's catchy, a rock and roll with piano twist. This is also a taste of reality. People die, people may suicide.

Why is this wonderful song at the bottom! This song is one of my all time favorites! It has a mixs of the guitar and piano. And with the back round song for Miku it makes it complete. I also think people can relate to this song much better then others. I LOVE THIS SONG SO MUCH!

This song has always stuck close to me, thinking that this song describes my greatest fears. Being alone, misunderstood, bullied, and yet, I love it so much. The beat and tune goes together so well, and her voice really portrays the emotions in my opinion

Why is the song here? It didn't make me cry, I got annoyed because Miku was singing really high pitched. Good Vocaloid songs are the ones above this one. Rolling Girl doesn't deserve the top 30, or top 50. I understand this was about suicide, but it was not sad to me, and in my opinion suicide is cowardly.

This song represents a lot of people's lives, and the rock tune plus the soothing piano melody really makes it the best song ever! I love this song... It conveys a message to lots of people. This is my all time favorite!

This is absolutely my FAVORITE VOCALOID SONG EVER! I couldn't stop listening to it, so I learned it on piano. Probably the hardest piano song I've ever learned, but totally worth it. What it conveys has a special place in my heart because I can really relate to its meaning. Words cannot do this song justice. Thank you, Wowaka, for creating this MASTERPIECE!

What can I say, Rolling Girl has a really powerful meaning and all of my friends love it (they like dubstep and stuff but this one was really cool to them! ). Why not in the top ten? Why?

Much like meltdown I can relate to this song very well, not only does it sound amazing, but it is one of the few Vocaloid song I relate too. I know it in English and it is very deep.

This song was my access door into the Vocaloid fandom.
It's an awesome song and it has such deep lyrics. And, if you think, it's very realistic. There are many people that are in Miku's situation. Apart from this, it also sounds beautiful.
Who cares it's just a random mainstream Vocaloid song by the most mainstream Vocaloid?

I used to love this song back when vocaloid was my favorite music genre. It's quite catchy, but the tune's just very repetitive.

The vocals are so good, and the story is so captivating! I love songs that are sad yet catchy!

When I am depressed, I can always relate myself to this song. And the song, too, has, in my opinion, a very catchy rhythm.

Rolling Girl is just awesome! With the lovely melodies and the fact that it holds many meanings, it is awesome.

So powerful, it touches my heart so bad I cry every time. This discord should be higher

Tears wouldn't fall no matter how I tried, and yet it hurt so much. This is a song I can relate to. Listen to this.

It's so sweet and meaningful, the song is so sad, but when I listen, I feel so happy,

This song is so god I don't get why its not at the top its 1 of her best songs ever!

I would beat all off those bullies in there face No one messes with miku!