Top 10 Best Web Series

TV shows are great, but they're not allowed to take it too far, they're not allowed to swear badly or have insane plots, where as the internet does have shows like that, and this is a list about the top 10 greatest web series!

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21 Paranormal Action Squad
22 The Guild

Not much of a fan, but still can understand why people like it, and plus this list is about other people's thoughts too.

Simply the best!

23 VGHS (Video Game High School)

BEST WEB SERIES EVER. It's a perfect mix of romance and action. The special effects are so damn cool. What I love the most about VGHS is that it's about video games. It's a MUST watch. "It's All About The GAME."

It's a great web series which in my opinion shouldn't just be a webseries it should become a T.V. show. It is made by freddiew and a lot of other cast the special effects involved with it are amazing.

The production value, the originality, it's a really good show. It's on Netflix right now.
And season 4 will be coming too. Deserves to be much higher on the list

Awesome show!

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24 Happy Tree Friends Happy Tree Friends Happy Tree Friends is an adult animated flash series created and developed by Aubrey Ankrum, Rhode Montijo, Kenn Navarro and Warren Graff for Mondo Media.

Hahaha its like a better version of itchy and scratchy

Very educational, kid-friendly show. - The01Bro

Beautiful show

25 Worth It
26 It's a Wonderful Live

Digitalph33r's short lived series was actually really funny.

27 Homestar Runner

Found about this stuff 1 or 2 months ago. Now a huge fan. Also, pretend this isn't that low; its just in the background.

EVERYBODY gotta love Homestar! He is a terrific athlete!

! It is so underrated and better than anything on YouTube! I LOVE IT!

Everybody, everybody...

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28 Charlie The Unicorn

Haha!, so annoying its actually funny! - Potbellypup2

29 Pure Pwnage (a.k.a fps doug)

FPS doug makes this great - Electricbassguy

30 Chad Vader

Watch a tv show, then watch chad vader, chances are chad vader will look better.

31 Strangerhood

From roosterteeth, this short lived show is ranked 10.

32 Mortal Kombat: Legacy

A teenage YouTuber editing his voice to sound almost like a 6 year old and a chipmunk mixed together and telling stories to people.

34 Homestuck

Weird? Yes. Confusing at times? Yes. Great? Yes. - Haumea

Go on to the list this site has for best webcomics of all time. This one are definitely first there and if you read the comments about it then you will get why

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35 Eddsworld

R.I.P. eddsworld died from STUPID cancer

Famous yet somewhat underrated and with comedy both for the Brittish and Americans

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36 Camp Camp

I finished watch this show right before season 2 ended and I am hooked. It is not only the funniest thing I've ever seen. you can relate to at least someone to relate to. Sure, I also love rwby, but this show is the best. It has changed my life for the better. I really hope although it isn't likely for season 3. This show gives me so much inspiration. I really hope it gets to the top. I love camp camp.

37 TheStation

The mix of youtube celebritys was brilliant. - Potbellypup2

38 Marble Hornets

A scary series about Slender Man. Troy gets tapes from his friend, Alex, abandoned film, Marble Hornets. He finds out just why he abandoned it as once he starts watching them, he too is experiencing strange phenomenon.

This terrified me and is an exellent use of a certain platform to tell a story

39 Ask a Ninja
40 Seth MacFarlane's Cavalcade of Cartoon Comedy

Finally a sketch show that never gets old!

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