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1 Seven Nation Army

This song is great and it's simplicity shines, from the instrument to the lyrics, every single part of it.

The Best by White Stripes and "Everyone knows about it from the Queen of England to the Hounds of Hell" - MusicManiac69

Doom, doom-doom doom doom-doom, doom,... In my head all day long after I first heard it...

Overrated. - Gruunge

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2 Fell in Love with a Girl

Such a raw energy. There's only three words to describe this song: Short, but sweet.

OH My God... maybe the perfect song... Not only the greatest white stripes song, but one of the greatest songs by ANY band!

Love love love it but icky thump has the best beat ever!

Out of this world!

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3 Icky Thump

It's hard to decide between Seven nation army and Blue orchid but this is the best song of all time this song stays in your head for ever with the keyboard at it's beat and the guitar going for it and Meg pounding on the drums nothing get's better than this. - macrox16

this song is so different and unique, i love it. they are amazing and the sound of this song is incredible. - xrrrockstar

Everyone will vote for Seven Nation Army, but this is quintessential White Stripes.


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4 Ball and Biscuit

Jack's guitar work in this song is his best and always be his best. The song is one big blues rock jam fest and kicks everyone's ass just by listening to it. This song is what makes Jack one of the best guitarists out there.

Just listen to the guitar. LISTEN TO IT! The lyrics ain't too bad either. Probably one of meg's best songs too. You can feel the groove

This song rocks so hard! The best song I've ever heard based on the 12 bar blues. Very cleverly done, and the solos... Fantastic Jack.

The guitar here is just amazing and the drums go so well with it. - chnapik

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5 Dead Leaves and the Dirty Ground

Let me tell you all about a song that made my head explode.

It was loud and it was hard as rock with just a little bit of roll.

With just a little bit of roll.

This dirty sound at the beginning and the muted parts in the bridge are so cool. And the contrast to the calm and peaceful verse makes this song the best of WS.

This is the best. #1 period!

Seven nation army is overrated. Sorry it's true.

6 Blue Orchid

Embodies everything the White Stripes are about!

The videos messed up, but the song is awesome. - fireinside96

Only the most addicting song ever. - iceskatergurl

"YOU GOT AN ERECTION, DIDN'T YOU" - xandermartin98

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7 The Hardest Button to Button

This one has to be the greatest
Although seven nation army is great, this song was featured on an episode of the simpsons, and thats how i fell in love with it

I actually think this is even better than Seven Nation Army as crazy as that may sound. His vice sounds more "natural" in this whereas in Seven Nation Army it sounds a bit high.

Second only to Seven Nation Army! The video is amazing too, one of the best ever in my opinion!

Deserves top 3

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8 The Denial Twist

hard to choose since all their songs are pretty good, but thoses lyrics are awesome. jack's a genius. "the boat yeah you know she's rocking it, and the true yeah you know there's no stopping it. " - ohright

I can't believe this isn't higher on the list! It has amazing lyrics, guitar, and it's 'the white stripes' all over! This song got me hooked on the band, and it remains a favorite.

Should be higher on the list. Great song.

9 Hotel Yorba

Totally awesome and also magnificent in a mind blowing way. Music that reminds you just how good rock'n'roll and life can be! Jack & Meg make music to fill your veins! WOW!

Just a lovely arrangement all the way through. Awesome lyrics, and epic musicianship! Jack White once again shows his range as a musician

Fantastic power, rock meets 2 minute pop.

10 You Don't Know What Love Is

Simple Sweet just love it true classic will live long

Reminds me of classic rock

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11 We're Going to Be Friends

First off, I don't cry. Like at all. In fact, I hadn't cried since I was 5 until I heard this song for the second time. The first time I heard it I was probably 9 or 10, and though "oh wow, this is a nice song." But when I heard it a second time, it actually made me break down into tears. It made me think about all the friends that had come and gone, and all the memories I made as a child wandering around in the woods alone, just taking everything in. It takes me back to a different time, just an amazing song

I saw Napoleon dynamite a while back and then got into the White Stripes recently. You can imagine my reaction when I heard this song and realized my favorite Napoleon Dynamite song was by them. I love it, it's so cute.

Haha best song in napoleon dynamite it was mine and many others introduction to the greatness that is the white stripes I am always saddened that they broke up but they will be back

This song needs to be higher. It should be at least in the Top 5. This may be softer than most of the Stripes' other songs, but it's still a classic. Definitely on of their best.


"Don't be jealous that I've been chatting online with babes, all day."

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12 Black Math

The opening riff is too good to be denied at least a top 15 spot. 24th is unacceptable. With the great lyrics and the fact that it's surrounded by other great songs should really further this song up this chart.

1) stop breaking down
2) the big three killed my baby
3) let's shake hands
4) candy cane children
5) ooh my soul!
6) red death at 6:14
7) broken bricks
8) when I hear my name
9) red bowling ball ruth
10) lafayette blues
11) I think I smell a rat
12) let's build a home
13) jumble jumble
14) screwdriver
15) black math (could be in to 5 but there's so many great songs)

13 Catch Hell Blues

It really is a toss-up between Catch Hell Blues and Icky Thump. I love me some slide guitar. Jack does the blues unlike anyone in popular music today. - thediredamsel

One of the best blues song in 2000s. It doesn't sound right that it is ninth.

Just hear that guitar. Awesome

This song is just completely insane and I love it.

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14 A Martyr for My Love for You

Surprised this doesn't have more votes. The middle section is in my opinion one of the heaviest passages ever recorded. Great lyrics too.

Although nothing extraordinary, the guitar playing throughout is hauntingly beautiful coupled with great, emotional lyrics.

15 Truth Doesn't Make a Noise

Always loved this song! As mentioned before, the riff is probably the best part of the song.

Great riff, overall solid song

16 My Doorbell

I have no idea how this song isn't up there with seven nation army, It's the catchiest song The White Stripes have done! - Tobzz

Best and catchiest song. This is the first song I heard by the white stripes.

My White Stripes favorite!

2005 nostalgia

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17 Apple Blossom

"come and sit with me and talk awhile
Let me see your pretty little smile
Put your troubles in a little pile
And I will sort them out for you
I'll fall in love with you
I think I'll marry you... "

18 Hello Operator

Easily could be top 10 at least, this is one of the most under appreciated song by the white stripes. Really guys common now

Are you kidding... This needs to be a lot higher.

How is this 15 it should be in the top ten

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19 I Just Don't Know What to Do with Myself

Viva Kate Moss, Viva Sofia Coppola. Seductive and Involving Music.

Honestly, an amazing piece of art. And some amazing lyrics too.

Could never listen to this song enough times

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20 Little Cream Soda

Why is this last this is my favourite above all the others I don't usually like this type of song cause I think this is a bit heavy metal but the white stripes really pull it off and I really enjoy listening to this song

Man, this song should really be in top 10...what the hell...People! Try & listen to this song, IT IS INCREDIBLE!

Only bad thing is lyrics. They are annoying

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