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21 I'm Slowly Turning Into You

The studio version is good, but incomparable to the live version on Under Great White Northern Lights. That version of the song is one of the craziest and most intense songs I've ever heard. Honestly blows me away every time I hear it.

22 The Air Near My Fingers

I wake up with this song for several months now and life really gets better every day!
This is my favorite for now, but all WS songs make you feel totally alive.

23 I'm Finding It Harder to Be a Gentleman

One of their most well written songs. Jack also wrote some fine lyrics to go with it

24 I Can't Wait

Such a great son

25 Jolene

So much emotion ih this song..

Live under blackpool lights ist das das emotionalste lied nach stairway to heaven
Für mich platz 1

26 Death Letter

Such a great song, even better than the original

27 The Nurse
28 Offend in Every Way

Should be Top Ten at least

29 Girl, You Have No Faith in Medicine

Great guitar, Great vocals, Great Drumming. Amazing song

G-G-G-G-G-G-G-G-G-GREAT SONG! Can listen to it for hours, riff is amazing and lyrics are catchy! CH-CH-CH-CHECK IT OUT!

30 I'm Bound to Pack It Up

Great song, it has this auroa of a good Zeppelin acoustic song.

Oh my god god I was thinking the exact same thing ab - robertiannuzzo

Has a great Zepplin feel with Jack's sweet emotion shining through.
Comes from an album full of great tunes.

31 Rag and Bone

This song needs to be at top 10, please listen to it. - mattlol

Such A great song, the beat and the chorus, the way it builds up to the verse where Jack spits out the rhymes... amazing

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32 Expecting
33 Little Bird

Awesome slide guitar!

34 One More Cup of Coffee

Absolutely my favourite, surprised it's not on the list

35 There's No Home for You Here

Very awesome. The instrumental's awesome. The lyrics are very complex (in needed places). It's just simply very, very awesome. This song definitely needs to be ranked higher.

I've found a solution, just go away and do not leave a trace.

So vinegarous, I love it - brutalmetalbloke

36 Hypnotize

Amazing song. Jack White really shows his guitar skills on this one. How can it be this LOW!? - NvGNick

How this sog can be so underrated?

The White Stripes just sound how Rock should, and this song just sounds like one of theirs should

37 Effect and Cause

Love this song! The lyrics are so catchy and creative!

38 300 M.P.H. Torrential Outpour Blues

The explosive scratch guitar solo two minutes in to the previously all acoustic song is the best ten seconds of The White Stripes, ever.

39 Let's Build a Home

Oh, come on a baby now let's build a home, COME ON A BABY NOW LET'S BUILD A HOME yeah!
Nice riff, great Solos. Mhm great song - lilbullet111

40 I Fought Piranhas

People need to listen to this song! And vote.

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