Top 10 Best Will Smith Songs

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1 Switch Switch Cover Art

The catchiest song of all time! So simple, but a great beat, fantastic rapping and SUCH A CATCHY chorus make the song just undeniably fantastic

I believe we can achieve world peace if everyone in the world listens to Switch at the same time.

This song wants me to hear every single day

This Is The Most catchiest song ever! Love It!

2 Gettin' Jiggy Wit It Gettin' Jiggy Wit It Cover Art

I'm gettin jiggy with it! The video may be a little strange but this is certainly his best song. The lyrics are great, it makes you want to get up and dance. Whoo! (somehow AOL radio put this as the 19# worst song ever! :-O)

I LOVE this song. I even have the album to it. The Greatest Hits. I'm happy that it's number one.

Love this song. The beat is rocking and it makes everyone dance. I'll play this song all day

1 of the greatest songs I've ever heard overall. Amazing beat. definitely best song from will smith

3 Men in Black Men in Black Cover Art

I Like this song. Not my favorite, but I like it. I wonder who sing "Here come the men in black".

Awesome movie=equals awesome song about movie?...NOPE but in this case hell yeah!

I'm to a go listen to this song right now

This song epitomises the greatness of the 90s.

4 Party Starter Party Starter Cover Art

You don't need a reason to declare that THIS is the best song there is... come on, ever heard punjabi beats THAT cool? even bhangra dudes can't get that right!

Great song for any time

Great stuff Mr smith! Good beat, great chorus, will smith rocks the rap, and you just makes you feel all pumped up! FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT! RAR!

5 Lost & Found Lost & Found Cover Art

My favourite song. Great meaning, that will smith doesn't need to sound like everyone else to make great music, and generally a BRILLIANT song.

Will Smith is so original and legit MC who dosen't need to curse every 5 seconds to rap.

Why I love his music so much

This is a cool song.

6 The Fresh Prince of Bel Air

An entire generation knows every word to this song. We've never even heard half the songs currently on the Top Ten. Just ask any club DJ which song people who grew up in the 1990s would get most excited about hearing.

This is Will Smith's signature song. It's one of the perennial Hip Hop songs. Probably the first one I had heard. #1

This song is will smith

Sound be number 1

7 Summertime Summertime Cover Art

Simply the best summer song there is. Reminds me of the days where you sit in the sun and just relax. Very underrated in my opinion.

This song reminds me of the good old days, It is still the best song ever to me

Love the song gets you in the groove

I love this song!

8 Here He Comes Here He Comes Cover Art
9 Miami Miami Cover Art

The beat was fresh, the lyrics were unique video was so fresh, the girls in the video were HOT and If Miami wanted epic level promotion there is no other song that can do it like this...

This song should be will smith best song ever instead of get jiggy what it.

Will smith's face expressions in this song is awesome... Different song...

I Like this song. It kinda reminds me of "Men in Black".

10 Could U Love Me Could U Love Me Cover Art

Could you love me

Listen, he does this for him, he don't need to wear all chains and watches, he wants you to love him for him

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11 Wave Em Off Wave Em Off Cover Art
12 Parents Just Don't Understand Parents Just Don't Understand Cover Art

Just love this old melodious hit... Every one can relate the song with his childhood, this song gives Grammy award to the willie smith, the 1st one ever awarded to a rap artist...

Very funny rap song. Ever since he became a parent himself, he has never been able to live out that one. Haha.

How could you not love this song? The beat is very catchy! And it's just overall a great song!

13 Wild Wild West Wild Wild West Cover Art

Great song! Amazing beat and lyrics. You can't help singing along to the chorus. FABULOUS!

Great! So cool. And the video is so smooth. How can you not like that beat...

Best song lyrics and beats

Best song ever

14 Boom! Shake the Room Boom! Shake the Room Cover Art
15 Mr. Niceguy Mr. Niceguy Cover Art
16 Girls Ain't Nothing But Trouble Girls Ain't Nothing But Trouble Cover Art
17 Just the Two of Us Just the Two of Us Cover Art

I can't believe I've never hea rd this song before, I heard it today for the 1st time & loved it!

Just the two of us will smith version is my favirote song it's a decent list though

18 Nod Ya Head Nod Ya Head Cover Art

I think this song is a little bit better than Men In Black, this really got the beat!

I love this one! More than Men in Black though. Laugh out loud

19 No More No More Cover Art

Amazing lyrics! Very underrated. You know how everybody has the lyrical song that everybody like e. g. Dance with The Devil - Immortal Technique and Stan - Eminem and Juicy - Notorious BIG and Changes - Tupac, well this is like that except for Will Smith.

20 Pump Ya Brakes Pump Ya Brakes Cover Art
21 Got to Be Real Got to Be Real Cover Art
22 Afro Angel Afro Angel Cover Art
23 Just Cruisin' Just Cruisin' Cover Art

Great songs with catchy beat and amazing chorus... Will's Crusin'

Should be MUCH higher

24 La Fiesta La Fiesta Cover Art
25 Will 2K Will 2K Cover Art
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